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Ruby Sengar is a mother, an author, and founder of the Healthy Kingdom. She is so passionate to impact people and share information about Health, Mind & Spirituality. Her vision is to give a contribution to making a healthy world and she committed to her work by writing articles, videos, and quotations and warning people about their health, motivation, and spirituality.

She is an ideal wife, a great mother of two kids. She loves Nature and God. She has a master’s degree in the Corporate Legal Field. She changed her profession to give a contribution to making the world a better place. She and her husband are supporting orphanages and other religious communities.

She believes, a woman has so much strength and potential to change society, community, and the world. A woman has the potential to change the next generations. We all, women need to more conscious and aware of the things around us and dig deep her amazing powers to make a change.

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