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A writer with a teaching background releases books to relish. There are Twelve books written to date and published so far, receiving six awards. The Adventures of Tom McGuire Book series. The Krigga Chronicles,3 books. Mouse Tales, has 4 books, written so far. First series, is a winner of NABE in the category of BEST JUVENILE FICTION BOOK 2012, for her novel ‘The Dream Catcher’. The Last Enchantment WON NABE BEST PINNACLE 2015 for SCI-FI. As well as the Honorary Literary award 2017. She received many accolades, with excellent reviews, and is a testament to her creativity. All five books are now available on Amazon and Kindle they can be purchased and ordered in all good bookstores. #BooktoMovie, The Adventures of Tom McGuire- series, Scriptwriters. Rayner has written a new Historical Juvenile Fiction series, The Krigga Chronicles, vol.1 The Unearthing, with vol. 2 Hidden Door, released in November 2021. Another young children’s fun book series has been released. The Mouse |Tales consists of young children’s enchanting tales. The Mouse and the Fox, and a festive winner, The Mouse, and the Christmas Tree, The Mouse and the King’s Birthday cake, The Mouse, the Llama, and the Sheep., with The Mouse and the Bear, coming soon.

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