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Eloise Epps MacKinnon, Author and Motivational Speaker, and a Servant of God. She advocates for God’s people to know Him in all these roles. As a child, Eloise was taught it is never too early for someone to learn their God-given brand in society. A life brand in which God gave his only Son for us to achieve without a cost; the choice and power to be uniquely you. So, stand up and be proud of who you are, regardless of what others think! You are beautiful as you are because you were made in the image of The Perfect One Himself, God.

Eloise’s novels: A Twisted Shade Of Green Trilogy (Portrayal Of Lust and Revenge, Lies and Secrets, and Betrayal) and Escaping Rapture Of Devotion were written with a message for everyone who feels like the right one will never come along. Well, they might already have! We often look at the glamourous outside package and miss what God intends for us to see the person’s heart, like when Glen Monroe saw Kali Mathias’ heart. It was love at first sight! Perhaps your life may or may not parallel the characters in the books or the fairy tale happy ever after. Maybe it might represent the slippery slope of tested faith of the character’s life endured to attain the faithful ending of true love.

Message From Author: The love shared and received along God’s journey is truly a blessing from Him!

My novels are dedicated, first and foremost, to God. He is The Author and Finisher of it! And, my beloved Mother, Trannie Rae Epps, who raised us to know and believe that anything is possible through God!

Secondly, to all my loved ones, whose beautiful souls went through the storm with me during the entire steps of writing, editing, and publishing this novel. Many thanks for your ears and eyes. But most of all, your hearts, my beautiful daughters, son, grandchildren, and sister.

And last, but certainly not least, all my readers, who make my journey as an author possible. Because of you, I’m able to get the Word of God heard through my writings.

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