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Is there life after menopause? Cynthia A. King thinks so, and writes fiction for mature women. A married empty nester, she focuses on issues faced by adult women: cheating spouses, the adult child living in her basement with no exit plan, ageism, illness, being in debt up to their tattooed eyebrows and dealing with their situations with humor and grace, occasionally a sledgehammer or other heavy implement. There is always a man, not necessarily her husband, for romantic high jinks. This is what happens when chick-lit grows up and discovers their Prince Charming is really Prince Harry. No werewolves or vampires required; these ladies might put a stake through your heart. One of her adult daughters is herself a writer, and does social media author-based content. While referring to the phenomenon of niches, she says my mother has her own niche: the angry post-menopausal woman. Huh. I didn’t know she was paying attention.

Cynthia had good Catholic parents who had five kids. She married Tom whose parents were also good Catholics with seven kids. The amount of kids means a deep well of (dysfunctional) material. That’s important because characters are what drive her to write. She loves to create books rich in characters facing the same human condition-life, and how they deal with it. Her stories are humorous and feature a lot of oddballs in ridiculous situations. She is also an animal lover and may include a dog or cat who sometimes are the sanest characters in the room. If you’re looking for a beach read or are flying Southwest and stuck in an airport, her books are an enjoyable way to pass the time.

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