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“Through The Raging Storm” is Kilgore’s second novel. While it’s not a sequel to “Waiting for Normal”, again, it’s a story about contemporary Americans caught up in unusual circumstances. The reader will find a dash of science tossed in for flavoring.

Kilgore has always enjoyed “creating” and has been a student of history. The liberal arts background encouraged at Brown never left him. He has been curious about how people respond to unexpected situations and how much people see the world through the lens of their time. He is fascinated by the fact that sudden developments almost always are preceded by clear warning clues. It’s the seldom asked “what if” questions that intrigue him most.

Kilgore studied physics at Brown University, anticipating a research career. However, while doing graduate work, he changed his career plans and went to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. That led to twenty years working in corporate finance and traveling extensively. Later he started his own company engaged in software development projects. After a trip to Africa, he formed Iringa Hope with two friends to bring micro-finance to Tanzania. His career has provided a catalog of experiences for his writing.

Now retired, he has the time to transform ideas and speculations into stories. He likes novels that take readers to different parts of the country and reveal how everyday people cope with unexpected challenges. The goal is to both entertain and leave the reader with a few questions about our future.

He currently resides with his wife in Florida.

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