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The Three Lives of Richie O’Malley: A Crime Thriller by William Lobb

At the end of his life, a man is forced to face his past in the cold light of truth.

That’s the official hype, anyway…

Richie – a lifelong mob hitman – must come to terms with the death of his best friend, a mounting government investigation into his past, and betrayal, as one of his old buddies decided to testify all he knows. Living among them for decades of what appears to be a quiet life, is the most inconspicuous guy on the block – the respected and sometimes feared old gangster nobody questions.

He sells them flowers from his girlfriend’s shop. He gets his coffee and newspaper at the corner bodega every morning. Now, the facade is about to collapse and Richie will tell an explosive story that will bring many of the rich and powerful down with him.

5 Star Review Headline: Brooklyn in the 1950s!

This story begins on the streets of Brooklyn in the 1950s, a few years before the birth of Richie O’Malley. It ends in the abandoned farmhouse where his family was killed decades ago. As the police and FBI swarm around him, Richie is bathed in the rot and decay that his life has caused, not only to him, but those he cared about.

…..As his best friend, his brother,’ Juan Carlos lay dying, Richie recalls: “As we evolved, our crimes got uglier and more elaborate. It was as if the realities of the two sides of the universe were somehow working to force us out into the light until we were exposed. Then, brought to that light, the universe would rid itself of us. It worked against us until we had no place in the good, we had no place in the bad, we had no place in the righteous, or in the evil. We were squeezed into that space between light and dark. Not a twilight, not a sunrise, but the thin line between the two. In that nowhere we ceased to exist and faded away: a silent ending to such a violent and brutal life. The day came, all too fast, when we slid into the background and let the young studs pick up what we had laid down.

Now I am the most boring and quiet guy on the block, praying that no one ever again recognizes who I am.”

…..Juan takes my hand and places it between his cool, shaking palms. He looks me in the eye and says, “It’s the end days of my life.” The old man’s breathing is labored and shallow. “You and me, we are the Godless. They say their prayers for our innocent victims. The virtuous… they pray as if their God disavows my prayers. They think my prayers never reach the divine ear.” He coughs and grips my hand tighter. “Does the creator of the world only listen to the prayers of the good?”

…..“I don’t know,” I reply…

…..Author William Lobb skillfully writes the story told by his main character. Not just any tale, a dangerous story about the years and lives of Richie O’Malley, a hitman, a cartel mule, a CIA spook and his best friend Juan Carlos. It is a story destined to bring the rich and powerful down with him. A story that takes you from the streets of New York City, to the jungles of Columbia and back home to many years in hiding; from family, friends, the people who know that Richie knows too much!

…..This action packed; crime mystery, is told with brutal honesty and will keep you turning the pages. If you liked the series Breaking Bad’ and Ozark’ you will enjoy this story. Author William Lobb lived his entire life in New York’s Hudson Valley. He admits to writing his stories “more often than not are loosely or not so loosely based on people and places he’s known”.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network)

Product Details:
Paperback: 410 Pages
Global Library: Mysteries (Suspense Thriller)
Global Library: Fiction (Crime Mystery)
Global Library: Fiction: Organized Crime Thrillers
Global Library: Action Adventure (Crime Fiction)

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The Third Step by William Lobb

One man’s journey into the dark recesses of his own soul.

The Third Step is the story of Frankie’s struggle to survive the addictions that are trying to kill him, and come to terms with the inevitable he will face in the end. Dark, gritty, and riddled with back alley characters, it’s a complex, fast-paced, at times funny and at times terrifying journey.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Very intense story that gives the reader a real look into the mind and heart of an addict.”

“This novel is an entertaining and thought-provoking piece of great storytelling.”

“Lobb has a way of either putting you in Frankie’s shoes or in the passenger seat next to him. More than once I had to check myself to make sure I really wasn’t in the story line. Incredibly interesting read that makes it hard to put down.”

“Some of the more painful moments of loss made me wish I could reach into the pages and fill Frankie’s life with hope, just like so many tried to do. But it was exactly this erratic unfolding of Frankie’s life that kept me determined to walk with him until the very end.”

“A story about the human condition. Turbulent. Gritty. Poignant.”

Meet Frankie, a young amateur boxer, a loser, a drunk and a drug addict. Frankie fights a lifelong struggle to understand the creator of the universe, not the poisoned caricature painted by the church and the “holy” people who seem to torment him.

His journey takes him from the East Coast down to New Orleans to confront his demons, both real and imagined. Along the way, his story is littered with tales of drug smuggling, murder, an affair with a woman who may be the devil herself, and an ultimate quest for revenge.

Frankie comes to terms with his addictions, but his search for a deeper understanding of this God entity and his need to connect with his soul, could be his ultimate addiction. One that may follow him beyond the grave…If you like Seth Harwood and the Jack Palms novels, you’ll love William Lobb and The Third Step.

Product Details:
Paperback: 429 Pages
Global Library: Mysteries (Suspense Thriller)
Global Library: Fiction (Crime Mystery)
Global Library: Fiction: Organized Crime Thrillers
Global Library: Action Adventure (Crime Fiction)

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The Truth Is In The Water by William Lobb

Water is the most powerful force on earth.

It’s the underlying theme that drives the book.

Charlie let his only son drown in the Atlantic Ocean, off Sandy Hook, NJ, about 35 years ago. He’s a kind of every-man, trying to even his score with God for his belief that he is a hopeless coward.

His best friend, Sugar Ray, “Shug,” a former boxer, is Charlie’s guide through this life. Shug works to show Charlie that his desire to settle his score with God/The Universe is pointless.

The Truth is in the Water is a study in friendship, guilt, fear, addiction, revenge… and in the end, a shaky peace.

Product Details:
Print Length: 60 Pages
Global Library: Fiction (Study In Friendship)
Global Library: Fiction (Study In Guilt, Fear, Addiction and Revenge)
Global Library: Fiction (Study In Parenting and Relationships)
Global Library: Fiction (Study In Death and Grief)


About The Author: William Lobb, who generally goes by Bill, Billy to a few, was born and lived his entire life in New York’s Hudson Valley. Leaving a few times, but always finding his way back.

He started writing at a very young age – poetry and short stories. Bill was influenced greatly, early on, by Steinbeck and Hemingway. Finding himself alone once in William Faulkner’s Pirates Alley, New Orleans study, sitting under a photo of Hemingway, communing with the ghosts of that room, in a cathartic moment he was changed, and began to take his work as a writer seriously.

He writes stories that more often than not are loosely or not so loosely based on people and places he’s known.

Today, he finds himself a landlocked buccaneer, trying to cope with 20th Century mediocrity.

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