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Freedom From Fear: A Daily Handbook by Vickie Staats

Freedom From Fear: A Daily Handbook was written as a resource for Christians who are facing either the long-term or short-term emotional challenges of fear and anxiety. In acknowledging and searching out the Bible’s ancient wisdom, solutions to our modern-day trials and struggles are discovered. Within the pages of this book, scriptures dealing with problem life situations are presented and then explored in ways that address the adversities prevalent in today’s world.

The book addresses a variety of subjects. Fear of the future, divorce, financial concerns, health problems, and the importance of prayer and worship are just a few of the many topics discussed. A scripture, discussion, and meditation are included in the readings provided for each day of the year.

In the context of exploring the daily scripture, some concrete helps are provided, such as:

  • Techniques to enhance prayer time and meditation
  • A strategy for leaving your problem in God’s hands
  • How to use the Christian’s weapons of warfare to effectively combat fear
  • How to use the power of “binding and loosing”
  • A method of sowing seed for a harvest of spiritual maturity, as well as many suggestions for applying God’s word to specific conditions and situations.

The book’s vital underlying concept is that a successful, joyful life is obtained only through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the belief and practice of the principles contained in God’s word.

Without this foundation, the soul is left vulnerable to the onslaught of stressors encountered in the ordinary course of life. Thankfully, through his word and his presence, God provides protection from, and a defense against, fear.

Product Details:
Paperback: 396 Pages
Language: English
Global Library: Christian Church Growth
Global Library: Christian Devotionals
Global Library: Christian (Bible Meditations)
Global Library: Christian (Inspiration and Spirituality)
Global Library: Religion, Study, Ethics

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About The Author: Vickie Staats holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and has worked in the mental health field for the past 39 years.  During that time, she has worked with adults, children, and families to address mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns affecting these individuals.  Her goal in writing this book is to stress the importance of the spiritual aspect in addressing the life problems that people encounter, particularly the problems of fear and anxiety.  In early childhood, the author began her journey of belief in Christ.  It is through that faith that her struggles with emotional difficulties have found resolution.  This book is a result of that experience.

The author has been married for the past 23 years and is the mother of one, a daughter, and a grandmother of three.  She currently works as a behavior consultant through her own company.  She is an active participant in the programs of area churches and endeavors to serve God at work, at home, and in the community.

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