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Itchy’s Itch by Martina Pfaff

Itchy is an adorable dragon with a problem. Itchy has an Itch. But, his Itch is a small little girl gremlin. When she suddenly disappears, Itchy becomes concerned. When he discovers that Dottie the Brownie may have had something to do with her disappearance, the two set out to find Itch.

Will Dottie regret her actions and ask God and Itch for forgiveness?

This adorable book by Author Tina Lynn will be one of your child’s favorites. The child-like illustrations of Hannah Penix will draw your child into the story.

Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (September 17, 2018)

Grandma’s Book Club: Children’s Folk Tales & Myths (Books)

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Kingdom of Juno by Tina Lynn

JUNO is book 2 in the fantasy series by Tina Lynn.

Newcomer Johnny Scott, Amazon Princess’s Black Rose, and Warrior Gypsy, along with Prince Blackpool of Mars, all hope to survive Juno long enough to leave and find their loved ones. Unfortunately, others have plans that may destroy their intentions.

Queen Vivian, Princess Black Rose’s mother, needs an heir before General Hellion takes the throne for herself. Trail, the Elf, will do anything to get his human form back. And then there is Princess Rayia, Black Rose’s sister, who made a deal with the demon Scratch in hopes of becoming Queen of Gaia.

How will Queen Vivian get Princess Black Rose to become her heir?

How will Princess Rayia react to the news that her mother wants to replace her as heir?

What did the deal between Princess Rayia and Scratch entail?

What will Scratch do when he finds out Princess Black Rose’s secret? And how will her secret affect the others and their hopes to leave Juno forever and reuniting with their families?

Global Library: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; 1 edition (July 10, 2019)

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Thunder Lake by Tina Lynn

Thunder LakeIn a land, far away, the world is not as we know it.

Where is this mystical, magical place? Some call it Gaia and both evil and good reside there. Many creatures roam the land, trolls, vampires, werewolves, and dragons. There are brownies and fairies and a group of monks, who try to bring the people to God. Warlock rules this land but he is not a believer—yet.

When the modern day, American Scott family is dumped into this crazy world after being abducted on the “Hell Train” by one of Satan’s demons, they have no idea what to expect.

One thing is for certain, though. They, along with many others, will face the biggest battle of their lives as the fight between good and evil plays out.

Global Library: Literature & Fiction

Pen It! Publications, LLC; 1 edition (July 9, 2019)

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About The Author: Author Terri Lynn lives in Jasper, IN with her husband and two cat fur babies; Munchie and Tony aka Bony. She is the second youngest child of a family of ten. Her father has passed on but her mother is still living.

She works long hours in a factory but dreams of one day becoming a full-time writer. Until then, she enjoys on her free time besides writing; going jeeping with her husband in their jeep Big Hoss. Terri

Lynn credits her gift of writing to God. She knows she is not perfect but thanks to grace of God she is forgiven. She hopes that the people that read her book not only gets enjoyment from it but realize that no what they have done. They too can be forgiven as well.

Publisher: Pen It Publications:

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