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The Soulmate Call (The Soulmate Series Book One) by Tiffany Ann

Lisabeth Gilbert was a young ordinary college student determined to guard her heart. Her heart was meant for one person only. Little did she know that her soul had already found the one. During a chance encounter on campus, Lisabeth sees the one her soul had claimed. Her soul instinctively takes control and calls out to his soul tying their souls together for eternity. Rey Turner’s family discovered the soulmate call generations ago.

Rey knew who his soulmate was, but refused to accept her because she was a virgin, waiting for marriage. He was a selfish fool, more willing to let the other half of his soul walk out of his life, than to honor her by waiting for marriage like she desired. By the time he had come to his senses he had pushed her out of his life. He believed he was destined to live without the one created just for him, but he was wrong. The moment their eyes met again, her soul took over and called his. Afraid to lose her again, his soul responded to hers without hesitation.

Will Lisabeth forgive Rey and accept the soulmate call? Will Rey have the strength to love, honor, and cherish her as she desires?

Review by Jatin Saini from India: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. The novel revolves around the love story of two teens, just as the cover and title indicate.

This book was well-written by the author. I adored this book from beginning to end, particularly how Lisabeth fell in love with Rey at first sight and how they can connect with each other in their heads. They can both hear each other’s inner voices.

The bond they shared felt so genuine, as did their mutual love for one another. This book will bring the story to a close and take you on an incredible journey with two teenagers filled with excitement, affection, feelings, tears, passion, and romance.

The love story will leave a deep impact on your heart. The author’s description of the story of two teenagers, Rey and Lisabeth, can make you feel as though you are one of the characters in this lovely story. This is a novel that should be read. Every word in this book has the power to cast a spell on you, and you will undoubtedly fall for it. You’ll be so engrossed in this story that you’ll forget it’s a work of fiction.

I strongly recommend this book, which will undoubtedly unlock your soul and heart. Love is pure and beautiful, but it is also loaded with challenges and difficulties, making it all the more genuine and meaningful. This book will restore your faith in love.

Unlike other nonfiction books, the book did not let me down. The words and language are simple to comprehend, and I’m looking forward to reading the next instalment of this novel.

Product Details:
The Soulmate Series Book One
Paperback: 333 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (October 29, 2020)
Meg Gremillion (Illustrator)
Language: English
Global Library: Romance (Paranormal)
Global Library: Romance (Telepathy)
Global Library: The Soulmate Series by Tiffany Ann

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The Soulmate Battle (The Soulmate Call Series Book Two) by Tiffany Ann

Caleb Turner spent his entire life believing that the soulmate call wasn’t real. He couldn’t believe that anyone could find him loveable, much less actually be created for him alone. It only took one look when his eyes met hers for him to know that the soulmate call was truly real.

Pasiphae Lockhart dreamed of a fairy tale love that she never conceived existed for her, until an unexpected stranger took her breath away. Her soul immediately claimed his even though she already had a boyfriend. Will Caleb and Pasiphae be able to overcome the battles they must face as their relationship is only beginning? Will they find value in themselves as they discover their worth from the eyes of their soulmate?

Review by Tamara Clements: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A beautiful, heart-gripping, timeless love story.

Again, this brilliant author brought me on another heart-gripping, emotional journey with Caleb & Pasiphae’s story. Two broken, insecure souls that don’t recognize their own self-worth or see their beauty the way their Creator sees them fall in love, grow, & evolve together. Suspenseful, funny, perseverance when it looks hopeless, doing what is right & honorable, commitment, & unconditional love. This story has it all. Beautifully written! The author truly outdid herself again. I can’t wait to read her next book in this series!

Product Details:
The Soulmate Series Book Two
Paperback: 320 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (December 18, 2020)
Meg Gremillion (Illustrator)Language: English
Global Library: Romance (Paranormal)
Global Library: Romance (Telepathy)
Global Library: The Soulmate Series by Tiffany Ann

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The Soulmate Restoration (The Soulmate Call Series Book Three) by Tiffany Ann

Luke Turner already married his soulmate. They had five memorable years together, and their love created a beautiful little girl. When he lost his love to breast cancer, he accepted and welcomed the notion he would spend the rest of his life alone. He never desired nor conceived of the possibility he could find another soulmate, but there she was standing in front of him.

Product Details:
The Soulmate Series Book Three
Paperback: 274 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (March 26, 2021)
Meg Gremillion (Illustrator)
Language: English
Global Library: Romance (Paranormal)
Global Library: Romance (Telepathy)
Global Library: The Soulmate Series by Tiffany Ann

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The Soulmate Healing – Book Four In The Soulmate Call Series-Coming Summer/Fall 2021

About Tiffany Ann: After more than twenty years of dreaming and telling my stories in my daydreaming, I am putting my stories to paper to share with anyone whose heart believes in true love. I have been married to my true love for twenty years.

I was born and raised right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. I am extremely proud of my Louisiana ancestry. My father’s family settled in the village of Buras, Louisiana eight generations ago. Having been given land grants by the King of France they made their way across the ocean to settle in a land that is nearly gone due to the ravenous hurricanes that are relentless.

I studied English at the University of New Orleans, while dreaming of the day that someone would read one of my books.

After giving birth to my first child, I decided to focus on being a mother, which became the most important job to me. I am the mother of four teenagers, two girls and two boys. Life is an adventure with each and every one of them every single day.

With the kids growing up, I went back to work. I sought a job that would allow me to be there for my family and accomplish my dream of writing. I work as a night auditor in a hotel. It is my home away from home. It is a simple job that allows me the freedom to bring you, my stories.

I spend much of my free time in my community. I hold an elected office in my community, serve on several boards, and am a co-founding member of an annual event that brings awareness to the local non-profits in my home town. These are just a few of the things that I enjoy in my spare time. I believe, “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…. they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role-always about the goal.”

My characters and stories are fiction; however, my favorite movie is The Princess Bride and my favorite book is Wuthering Heights.

Available Books:

  • The Soulmate Call
  • The Soulmate Battle
  • The Soulmate Restoration-Newly Released
  • The Soulmate Healing-Coming Summer/Fall 2021
  • The Soulmate Rekindled – TBA
  • The Soulmate Dilemma – TBA
  • The Soulmate Homecoming – TBA
  • The Soulmate Beginning – TBA
  • The Soulmate Triangle – TBA
  • Untitled Soulmate Volume – TBA

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