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The Magical Kaleidoscope: The Quest for Nature Spirits Continues by Thom Cherney

There is a place in a lush-green forest where strange, magical things occur, and where the life of every inhabitant matters. A place where birds not only sing, they speak as well, where humans and forest creatures live in peace and harmony. This magical place is tucked away in that twilight between daylight and dark where time seems to stand still. The Magical Kaleidoscope series continues with the second book in the series by Thom Cherney. The quest continues within the magical woodland. The little community of homeless people known as “The Others.”

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎82 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC; First Edition (September 8, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Nature
Grandma’s Book Club: Magic
Grandma’s Book Club: Boys

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About The Author: Thom Cherney is the author of two books of poetry and three children’s books. His latest project is titled, “The Magical Kaleidoscope, Book II, which deals with the fanciful world of nature spirits, and a little boy who believes in them.

This book will take the reader on a whimsical journey to a magical place in the childhood of a boy who lives in a cellar flat of an old Victorian style building with his grandparents. The inspiration for Thom’s writing has been garnered from life itself, his experiences, and the people he chanced to meet while on his journey, and of course his very vivid imagination.

Thom’s passion for writing began when his grandfather, who recognized his colorful imagination, encouraged him to keep a daily journal, recording his unusual stories and poems. One of his first poems was published in the New York Daily Mirror when he was 11 years old. Since that time, he would record his thoughts and activities every day in his journal. Over the years, Thom’s passion for life would have a great deal of influence on, not only his writing, but the direction he would take. No matter what his career choice at the time, Thom would always try to make positive changes in people’s lives in hopes of helping to improve and better their situation.

Thom’s journey through life would lead him in many directions. He worked as a Guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a State of New Jersey Corrections Officer, a Municipal Police Officer, and after his retirement, he took a position as janitor at North Dover Elementary School in Toms River, New Jersey. While serving as a Corrections Officer he helped lay the groundwork for the Scared Straight program at Rahway State Prison. During his time as an Old Bridge Township Police Officer, he created and conducted the first effective “Cop in the School Programs” in New Jersey working with school children district wide. At North Dover Elementary, as Head Custodian, he made a proposal to the school administrator concerning the possibility of starting a writing and poetry club for students. He agreed, and within a short period of time Thom was conducting a weekly class where students could join us, one hour before the bell rang. Everything that Thom has done in life, every direction he has taken, every choice he has made… he owes to that still small voice that has guided him on his journey along life’s road.

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