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The Hunter: A Nightingale Novel (Nightingales Book 1) by T.M. Dawson

Nessa McRae is a tattoo artist who is enjoying an ordinary life when a demon sets his sights on her. Determined to capture her at all costs, Nessa’s world quickly gets turned upside down. Unfortunately for her, life may never be normal again.

Enter Ailes MacGillivary, a half-demon/half-human and a Nightingale—a group of paranormals who secretly protect the city from monsters. He is determined to protect Nessa at all cost, yet he is filled with secrets that could change everything in her life, making him either the best thing for her or the worse.

The world has more secrets than Nessa could ever imagine, and if she’s not careful, those secrets just might cost her everything.

Can Nessa and Ailes stop the hunter before he finds her, or will they lose everything?

5 Stars: The Hunter by T. M. Dawson is the first book in her paranormal “Nightingale” series.

Main character Nessa McRae is an ordinary person in many ways, enjoying her artistry, which is her career. Little did Nessa know that a demon was watching her, like he had watched so many young women before.

Chapter one opens with Nessa sitting at the reception desk, drawing in her sketchpad, not a care in the world. The bell above rang as a woman (Ronnie) walked into the tattoo parlor. It is at this moment that the demon enters this unique tattoo parlor, located on Royal Mile, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As everything changes for Nessa, a group of paranormals, called Nightingales have taken notice of the demon’s activities. Ailes MacGillivary (a member of the Nightingales) has made it his mission to protect Nessa.

Let me bring you into the story, as I quote from Chapter 5:

…..Ailes ran down the block where he thought he had seen Mike run, but the damn bastard was nowhere to be found. He looked around and into the cars parked along the street. Shit!

…..Ailes shook his head then turned to find a cop car parked in front of a diner. He recognized that unmarked car as Brylan’s.

…..He walked into the diner and found Brylan sitting at a table in the corner, drinking a coffee.

…..Brylan looked up at him as he neared. “What’s up?”

…..“Did you see a man about five four with brown hair, and a blue jumpsuit run near the diner?”

…..“I haven’t seen anyone. Why?”

…..“Fuck.” Ailes brushed his hand through his hair.

…..His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he dug it out. It was a text from Nessa.

…..Help! Mike’s here. Hiding. Help.

…..“Fuck!” Ailes yelled then looked at Brylan. “You’re coming with me.”

…..The race is on to stop Mike (demon) before he can harm Nessa. Will Ailes intervention be the best thing for Nessa, or the worse thing?

If you love paranormal action adventures, with a little romance thrown in, you will want to read “The Hunter”. Author T. M. Dawson is busy writing book two in this “Nightingale” series.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Book One In The Nightingales Series
Paperback: 179 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (November 1, 2019)
Language: English
Global Library: Romance (Paranormal)

About the Author T.M. Dawson is voracious reader, who enjoys crafts, spending time with family, drawing, and writing Paranormal Romance.

She is a Texas native, living with her husband, black dog, and cat.

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