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Sorry, It’s a Boy by S.A. Hartman

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, as the female birthrate suddenly drops, Craig Steben joins the research staff at The Long Island Institute of Female Health. Time is running out and people are frantic over the forecast of the last female birth expected in a couple of years.

McBrian, an outcast of the medical community, clutches a cigar butt between his teeth and shouts at his staff as they prepare to deliver the baby. A cow bellows as its womb gives up a newborn seven-pound, eight-ounce baby girl.

McBrian has perfected a temporary bovine alternative to a human uterus, but he has bigger plans to further exploit Decreasing Female Births. Desperate to uncover even one shred of information to reverse DFB, Craig works long hours and moonlights at McBrian’s even though he comes to despise McBrian’s motives and exploitive behavior.

Craig’s scientific hunger to solve DFB is further ignited by his fatherly concern for his three sons who will be doomed to a life without women. There are ten men for each woman in college and barely one girl in each elementary class.

Women are calling the shots as their numbers dwindle an even with preferential job opportunities, many become Sexual Therapists. It’s a patriotic profession that preserves heterosexuality while providing an income greater than most corporate executives. Cooperation between countries dissolves into a “uterine war” with each government trying to solve DFB at the exclusion of their neighbors.

With Craig’s help, McBrian will perfect a synthetic uterus and further enrich himself and his powerful partners. They intend to become the nation’s primary source of female fetuses when human uteruses completely fail. Craig’s research breakthrough is about to destroy McBrian’s grand plans. McBrian will do anything to derail Craig as he races toward the solution.

Craig’s quest is further complicated by his compulsive behavior and extra-marital excursions which are shattering his fragile marriage.

Product Details:
Paperback: 240 Pages
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (August 13, 2004)
Language: English
Global Library: Science Fiction

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Life Is Short/Death Is Forever: Finding Joy and Pleasure In Each Day
Without Hurting Anyone Along The Way by Steve A. Hartman, Ph.D.

Steve Hartman’s inspirational and motivational memoir is peppered with research-based observations, pointed questions, hilarious anecdotes, delicious-and terrifying-sexual escapades, and genuine concern for his fellow humans, indeed for all creatures great and small.

His periodic Socratic approach often challenges acceptable norms and beliefs. Looking at life through the lens of his uniquely personal experiences and thoughts, Hartman shares valuable lessons on how to live a joyful pleasure filled life without lecturing to the reader.

Review by Ken Mora: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. An examined life, well worth reading. There’s a lot to take away from this memoir, and Hartman gives his readers the feeling that he’s wrung from his experiences many profound and lasting truths. His pithiness forces us to measure our reflections and the depth of them by his example. Harman’s many specific anecdotes are delivered amusingly and touchingly, and his grander reflections leave us the richer for knowing about them. I paused many a time to consider my own experiences while reading his – perhaps that is the greatest gift an autobiography can give.

Review by Rachel S: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A thoughtful and compelling memoir. Steve Hartman has written an interesting account of the most meaningful events in his life as a well-rounded man. He has been a math and science teacher, a business consultant and is now a writer and movie producer. From these experiences as well as from being a married family man with a son and at one time four siblings, he has derived a philosophy of life that he shares with us and is basically a useful reminder of what is worth pursuing during our rather short time on this earth. I enjoyed his well-researched chapter on the origins of organized religion and his humorous dialogue between the cavemen Bo and Org, the “inventors” of organized religion. The book also includes some good jokes.

Review by David M. Matthews: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Enjoyable and Thought-Provoking Book. I had a good time reading this book. Steve writes in a straight-forward style that seamlessly blends humor and compelling life lessons. He even throws in some great pictures, allowing us to develop an even richer picture of his life and his relationships. Definitely worth checking out!

Review by Tim G Mcnutt: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Fun Read! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this book and didn’t want to put it down. Steve keeps things interesting through his ruminations on various topics. He gives a very honest depiction of modern-day life while including some solid lessons along the way on how to live life to its fullest.

Review by Allan Rosenbluth: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Engaging. Open and honest approach to life experiences. Hard to put it down before finishing it. An easy, enjoyable, relatable read. I liked it more than Patterson or Baldacci

Product Details:
Paperback: 201 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (February 20, 2019)
Language: English
Global Library: Biographies, Memoirs, Self-Help

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About Steve Alan Hartman Ph.D.: A Masters in Oceanography, a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Columbia University and NYU, he wrote the sci-fi novel, “Sorry, It’s a Boy” – wrote/produced two award winning short films; “Home From War,” and “Before it’s Too Late,” staring Academy Award Nominees; Robert Loggia and Eric Roberts. Producer of “Reunion,” a successful musical comedy for the stage. One of his scripts, “Charioteer,” was optioned for a TV series, but not produced, so it’s in search of a producer.

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