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Danforth The Dragon by Sharon Shipley

In the village of Dunfuddie, in the far-off State of Forever in the land of Blue-Sky Fiords, there lived dragons and townspeople in peace after many years of being afraid of each other. No, in fact instead of frightening townspeople, the dragons had become greatest friends and helpmeets in times of troubles.

This story is about Danforth the Dragon, who lived with Pop Dragon, Mom Dragon, who had waited many proud years for their hatchlings, Diddlewinks, Dunwaddie, Doofloppy, Dandysprinklespritz, Dundershanks, baby sister, DillyDallyDumpling with the dimples, and lastly, Danforth himself.

  • Grandma’s Book Club: Age Range: 6 – 8 Years
  • Grandma’s Book Club: Grade Level: Kindergarten-3
  • Grandma’s Book Club- (Animals Books), (Dragon Fantasy), (Early Readers)

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Icy Graves by Sharon Shipley

The Storm of the Century traps three warring young adults, battling physical attraction, suspicion, hunger, and the psychopathic killer among them, in an ice-bound lake house, in Michigan’s harsh isolated Upper Peninsula.

Global Library: Horror (Psychopathic Killer)

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Sary’s Gold (Love, Lust, and Peril: Sary’s Adventure Series) by Sharon Shipley

While battling a brutal town and one obsessed man, Sary must change into a ruthless, determined gold miner/outlaw in 1890s California. Upon the untimely death of her husband, Sary is forced into her brother’s charge. Neither is pleased with this arrangement. He’s an impotent, sadistic dreamer with ideas of striking gold, using his sister as his mule. Sary finds herself in a surreal nightmare living under a tarp, panning for gold, and looked on lustfully by the debauched in the closest town.

A brutal attack by Delacorte’s son, her brother’s accidental death, the discovery of a gold vein as big as Texas, and surviving winter all come together to make Sary a thing of legend and witchery. She is now hunted as fair game, barely escaping with her life.

Ultimately, Sary returns exacting revenge in an ultimate showdown with a little help from the man she loves.

Series: Love, Lust, and Peril: Sary’s Adventure Series
This book, while serial events, is a stand-alone’ read.
Global Library: Erotic Historical Westerns (Action & Adventure)

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Sary’s Diamonds (Love, Lust, and Peril: Sary’s Adventure Series) by Sharon Shipley

Sarabande Swinford has lost her fortune, swindled by an expert con man from whom she gained in return only a handful of worthless paper and a questionable—and partial—treasure map. Taking ship to Cape Town with her lover Tommy and her son Jude, she pursues more of the map as well as its promised treasure, but encounters potential death in many forms. She is separated from her family by plague-fearing mobs, and so goes alone in search of the diamonds the con man suggested the map would give her. Lost, she wanders across Africa’s vast, merciless Great Karroo Desert, accompanied by two men—one a stone-cold killer, the other an enigmatic, charismatic adventurer (but can she trust him?)—and must fight not only for her honor but for her very life.

Series: Love, Lust, and Peril: Sary’s Adventure Series (Book 2)
This book, while serial events, is a stand-alone’ read.
Global Library: Erotic (Historical Romance)

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Sary and the Maharajah’s Emeralds (Love, Lust, and Peril: Sary’s Adventure Series) by Sharon Shipley

Imprisoned by a fanatical, corrupt maharajah in the torrid climes of 1910 India, Sarabande Swinford battles the maharajah’s lust and another man’s passions, all while desperately trying to regain her memory.

She has forgotten her perilous adventures in both love and fortunes, but her intrepid spirit remains as she encounters jealousy in the harem, man- and woman-eating crocodiles, and venomous snakes, all in her attempts at escape. Her defender in every potentially fatal situation is, surprisingly, the rajah, brother to the maharajah. Rami is all the maharajah is not: handsome and muscular, graceful, intelligent, and compassionate, a fitting challenge to Sary’s spirited nature, a man well educated and well travelled in the world.

But the real question is whether he can overcome his brother’s hold on power and survive while rescuing Sary.

Series: Love, Lust, and Peril: Sary’s Adventure Series (Book 3)
This book, while serial events, is a stand-alone’ read.
Global Library: Erotic (Historical Romance)

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Beast In The Moon: After The Apocalypse: An Erotic Saga by Sharon Shipley

After a sex-specific plague decimated the female populace, men were saved for a select breeding stock featured in bizarre fertility rituals or as dumbed-down worker drones – if they are very, very lucky. A world where even the language is scoured of all things male.

Absolute Power Corrupts. Absolute ‘Femin’ Power Corrupted Absolutely.

Governments bolstered by a terrified male militia, tumbled after the apocalypse. All-female schools, nunneries, prisons and wherever women were concentrated, became fortresses, where every female was reborn a guerrilla of a most merciless and bloodthirsty Resistance!

Beast In The Moon follows the few renegade males who dared run from tyranny and the ‘femins’ who followed, even loved them, the First of the Forbiddens. The ‘Hand Maid’s Tale’ meets the ‘Hot Zone’, this dystopian saga tracks the terrifying gorgon, Delilah Herodias Magdala, for whom destruction and torture are mother’s milk and young Rue, a fresh flame-haired beauty and Maple, Rue’s stunning, created First-Daughter, playing a treacherous game of survival against merciless Delilah in what is left of the Safe Zone.

This saga also follows two male slaves with only numbers as names: 901 and 2077, and Croc and Cactus Jack, renegades who fight for a world of their own in a desperate battle for survival, in what was old Palm Springs…

Global Library: Erotic (Apocalyptic Sci-Fi.)

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The Monster Factory by Sharon Shipley

Summer. 1989.

The Age of Innocence.

Two boys need to grow up fast in ‘Perfect Town’ where a voracious Monster born of ecological sludge, develops strange new hungers under an abandoned derelict factory… out where sidewalks end…and no one knows where you are.

Will-Fred is neglected. His sole buddy, Elmo has asthma. Peers scorn them. When they stumble on the Monster, they have fat chance of convincing parents or town elders of the blood-freezing peril. Worse, the two discover the most chilling menace is much closer than their worst nightmares and they must take out the Monster on their own… anyway they can.

Global Library: Fiction (Coming of Age) and Horror (U.S.)

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Message from Sharon Shipley: “I hale from a small town in Southern Indiana. As a former fashion illustrator, I use the same creative love for writing… now, after a tad of globe-trotting, in a little house overlooking the California Coastline. Scribbling for me is both frightening and thrilling, with few tools beyond a blood-spattered laptop, feverish brain and a doorstop thesaurus!

The bonus? Fascinating research one can get lost in, venturing far from my office chair: Big Bear California, Africa’s Great Karroo Desert, Northern India, Bengali region, the setting for ‘Sary and the Maharajah’s Emeralds’, Michigan’s harsh, unforgiving Upper Peninsula for ‘Icy Graves’, a small southern town for my Coming of Age/Thriller, ‘The Monster Factory’.

I write in a little house overlooking the California Coastline. Writing is both frightening and thrilling with few tools beyond a blood-spattered laptop, a feverish brain and a doorstop thesaurus!”

Published Books:

  • ‘Icy Graves’: A Serial Killer. An Ice-Bound Lake House.
  • ‘Danforth The Dragon’ (Children’s Book)
  • ‘The Monster Factory’: Adult Coming Of Age Horror.
  • ‘Beast In The Moon’: An Erotic Apocalyptic Sci-Fi.
  • ‘Sary and The Maharajah’s Emeralds’, joins ‘Sary’s Gold’ and ‘Sary’s Diamonds’ as third adventure in the ‘Love, Lust and Peril Series.
  • ‘Sary’s Gold’ is Shortlisted in the Western/Civil War/Prairie division of the Chanticleer International Book Review Contest, also capturing Grand Prize as feature script… where a young widow survives a brutal Deadwood-esque outpost, during the California Gold Rush.
  • ‘Sary’s Diamonds’, a lusty African adventure joins ‘Sary’s Gold’.
  • ‘Sary and The Maharajah’s Emeralds’. Congratulation on an awesome cover by the very talented artist, Diana Carlisle.

1. Sary’s Gold/Adult/Action: Grand Prize, Top 10 Contest of Contests, Top 25 Expo LA V., 20/20 Grand Prize.2. The German Widow/True/Horror Top 25 Writers on The Storm, Page International, Screamfest.3. The Last Greatest Heist of All/Ensemble/Caper, Top 25 LA EXPO V, PAGE International.4. Queen of Sheba Johnston/ Western/Action Top 25 Page International.5. Ice Thriller/Suspense6. The Monster Factory/Coming of Age/Creature-Feature7. Truckin’ Home for Christmas AAA semi-finalist.


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