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Strawberry Concrete by Scott Morales

Detective Jack Lefleur of the Camp Simmons Indiana P.D. has had a difficult year. After returning to the job from suspension, facing an impending divorce and financial ruin, he receives a phone call from an enigmatic recluse, who passes on a dire warning of a history changing event and a clue to a mystery.

Acting on the tip, Lefleur discovers a body and evidence, that puts the dead man in Dallas, Texas in 1963, on the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. As the investigation yields more questions than answers, Lefleur learns of an attempted assassination of the sitting U.S. President. While Lefleur works to stop the assassin, he learns the truth behind two of the 1960’s most defining moments.

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Paperback: 398 Pages
Global Library: Murder Thriller (Crime Fiction)

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Message From Author: Some people have been always wanted to be writers. I didn’t. I just wanted to be a cop. That was until September 11, 2001. After the attacks on the twin towers, I felt the need to re-connect with many of my old friends and in doing so, stories started forming in my head. Ideas of “what If, and “If, then” pushed my imagination to take some of the things I had learned from law enforcement and in life and craft tales which have encompassing both. From out of these thoughts and ideas, my books emerged and have pushed me to tell these stories.

In 2013, I retired from law enforcement after 32 years as a Patrolman, Crime Scene Investigator and Detective with East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office and the Fort Wayne Indiana Police Department. My career in police work, as well as my extensive studies in criminology, investigative procedures and tactics, have helped groom me toward writing Crime Fiction. Growing up watching ‘Adam-12″ and ‘Batman” groomed me to be a “Crime fighter”.

I am married to my wife Angela, who is a certified Master Herbalist and professional photographer We have four children and three grandchildren. We reside in Middle Tennessee outside of Nashville.

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