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We, R: Vol.1 by S. K. Ballinger

Nick Wolfe is a top-secret agent for an uncommonly aggressive government institution. His agency works with alien abductees in an effort to preserve public safety and homeland security. A recent abductee and returned woman named, Madison Monroe falls under his charge of responsibility.

Nick finds himself uncharacteristically drawn to her, to know her, to protect her. Now, he must make a choice: adhere to his brutal tactics, training, and commitment to humanity, or devolve into a man who seeks justice for an individual?

Product Details:
Print Length: 102 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (April 29, 2020)
Language: English
Global Library:  Science Fiction (First Contact)
Global Library:  Science Fiction (Alien Invasion)

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About S.K. Ballinger: Residing in Elkton, MD, I am thrilled to announce that two books have recently been released and are Sci-Fi thrillers. I began writing in 2014 and published my first novel in 2015. I’ve co-authored two horror novels and won 3rd place for the book ‘Unfleshed’ in the same year. In 2016, I took part in an anthology with all proceeds donated to a charity that the primary author chose. Since then, my wife and I are finalizing our Maryland business license as I continue writing my third sci-fi thriller titled ‘We, R Vol.3’. In 2019 I was offered an opportunity to host a few shows on cecil.tv which focuses on local artists, writers, musicians and other talents that surround the local area.

Available Books:

  • We, R: Vol.1
  • We, R: Vol. 2
  • Unfleshed
  • Bloodline Chronicles: Vol.1
  • Sebastian Swanson: Rise of the Lycan
  • Cirque de la Carnage
  • Uncommon Lust
  • Julie Swanson: Untold
  • Sirtimi
  • Jade Swanson: A Legend In The Making
  • Journey of Kain Edward
  • Stanley Swanson: Breed of a Werewolf
  • Bloodline Chronicles
  • Blissful Misery
  • A.R. A Agent N. Wolfe
  • Uncommon Lust
  • Stanley Swanson-Breed of a Werewolf
  • All the Shades of Shane-Blissful Misery

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Twitter: @SinyGuy

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