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The Tenth Life by Rose Scott

The Tenth Life

Everyone knows cats have nine lives!

Or at least it seems they do, given the scrapes they get themselves in and out of. This is primarily the story of Maxwell Magee, a tuxedo housecat companion to Hugh Magee for over 17 years.

His time on earth came to an end, and off he went to the Rainbow Bridge, where for the next 26 years (in human time, not heaven’s time) he was for the most part ‘the be all and know all’ cat for the others he knew or came to know.

He enjoyed a special relationship with Andrew, one of the angels of death who accompanied animals as they made their way to the great Rainbow Bridge, we’ve all heard about in legends.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎168 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (November 16, 2019)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Teen & Young Adults
Grandma’s Book Club: Fiction (Teen & Young Adults)
Grandma’s Book Club: Christian Fantasy

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About The Author: Author Rose G. Scott Learning to read was probably the most life changing thing that ever happened to me, other than the birth of my children. Words fascinate me! Just as my quilting craft takes bits and pieces of fabric and puts them together to make something bigger than those pieces …. so do words. Words, carefully selected, put together with other words, can bring joy, grief, inspiration and feed the imagination.

This is my joy: to bring together the words that will tell the stories: stories of love, of laughter, of light, of sadness, of redemption and renewal. This is the gift that was given to me, to be given back to you. Odds and ends about me? I’ve been internationally published, sung (publicly) duets with an opera singer and am listed in “Who’s Who in American Quilting”. I have been to four countries other than the U.S. and lived in five different states. Was a model for Strawbridge and Clothier’s when I was 3, and sang with “Jiggs” Jackson, who played Wanamaker’s organ at Christmas time when I was five. I hid in a closet with my son and 3 cats during a tornado in FL.

I speak French (badly), have made dresses for 17 weddings, and one stage play, and I’ve had the same Australian pen-pal for 53 years! Through it all, words have been my passion. I hope mine will take you places to which you’ve never been before!

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