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Exobiologists, Rocketeers, and Engineers by Rick Eyerdam

True stories about real people: Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Joshua Lederberg said that once he decided exobiology was the way to save the solar system from earthly biological contamination, he sought expert help first at the University of Wisconsin, where he was professor of genetics. There he discovered a brilliant biology student, nineteen-year-old Lynn Alexander.

“I was looking for a biologist with an interest in astronomy. Then Lynn mentioned that she was dating a bright astronomy student who was researching the atmosphere of Jupiter,” Ledeberg told me. “Lynn introduced Carl Sagan to me, and I introduced him to NASA. It was one of my major contributions to NASA.”

Exobiologists, Rocketeers, and Engineers: Inside NASA’s Quest for Life in Space details the challenges faced by the NASA engineers with the rise of the exobiologists who had no laboratory and no way to conduct scientific research unless they could get a ride on a spaceship. Just what NASA need since its legacy institutions-Langley, Ames, JPL, Goddard-were designed to devise new aeronautic feats. After the moon missions, rockets into space with life-search equipment on board raised the horizon to infinity. This is their amazing historic story.

Review by Gil: (Dr. Gil Levin, Viking Mars Experimenter): 5.0 out of 5 Stars. I would be happy to write a review …Dear Rick, Yesterday I finished reading your book. I am very favorably impressed. The book was a tremendous undertaking which extracted your complete dedication. You have done a lot with it since my last comments. The book is a priceless history of NASA, especially Apollo and Viking and all the scrapping they entailed. Even I learned some things about Viking. Your Viking era quotes of Soften, Klein, Murray, etc. are very insightful and rare. It constitutes a serious addition to our space history and I commend you for it and your unswerving perseverance to get it published. I, of course, also thank you sincerely for your support of the Viking LR and me. Should you like, I would be happy to write a review for publication, but I fear this source would be suspect!

Review by Donna Sinks: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A must-read of space exploration history.What a long and convoluted path the United States has taken in its quest for the answers to the mystery of Mars. The cast of real-life characters with varied personalities and approaches to the science of discovery resulted in many opinions, conflicts, methods, and results (or lack thereof). The author took his lifetime interest in the space program and work as a writer and created a highly readable, but complex, story of humans’ interest in discovering the secrets of Mars. First-hand interviews, coupled with extensive research, allowed the author to provide a level of detail that will fascinate any reader. The author is quite the storyteller, and this is quite the story. This reviewer grew up in the age of moon exploration, culminating with the landing on the moon in 1969. Interest in Mars was not in the main media. This book should change that, especially coupled with the optimism regarding current evidence on Mars that may point to favorable conditions for previous life on Mars.

Product Details:
Paperback: 404 Pages
Publisher: Litfire Publishing (March 31, 2017)
Language: English
Global Library: Astrophysics & Space Science

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When Natural Disaster Strikes: Lessons from Hurricane Andrew by Rick Eyerdam

Review by Dani Lynn, Broward County, Florida: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A Compelling Behind the Scenes Look.When Natural Disaster Strikes is a riveting and comprehensive look behind the scenes at the health care system and its service to the community, including hospitals, medical personal, local and federal agencies, volunteers and more, in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. I experienced the destructive force of Andrew first hand. Rick Eyerdam has captured the fear and uncertainty my family, neighbors and co-workers all faced in this compelling and well researched book.

After the storm passed, the challenges my local community was confronted with were obvious to me. Then through the few media sources I had access to in the days that followed, I became aware of the extent of the damage in the entire South Florida area… at least that’s what I thought. It turns out there was much more going on behind the scenes than I could’ve ever imagined. This included numerous failures on the part of officials, which led to a tremendous amount of anguish and suffering on the part of residents. This book should be required reading for every local, state and federal agency in our country.

Product Details:
Publisher: HOSPICE FOUNDATION OF AMERICA; Likely 1st Edition (January 1, 1994)
Language: English
Global Library: Atmospheric Sciences

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About Rick Eyerdam: Rick Eyerdam is an award-winning author, journalist and editor. His second book Inside NASA’s 60 Year Quest of Life in Space is published by LitFire Publishing.

Eyerdam is the founder of ND Grants.com, ND Grants.net and the Caribbean Maritime Exchange. In 2009- 2010 he was Fiduciary Agent for Miami River Marine Group, a non-profit maritime trade association. As such he served as the point Eyerdam also former editor and publisher of The Boating News and former editor of Southern Boating Magazine and the Marine Business Journal.

Earlier Eyerdam was news editor at South Florida Business Journal. Prior to joining SFBJ, Eyerdam was managing editor of Miami/ South Florida Magazine.

Mr. Eyerdam has served as an adjunct professor of communications at Florida International University

He served as press secretary for William A. Meadows, Elmer Friday and Senator Lawton Chiles. He was aide to Rep. Murray Dubbin and staff director of the Rules Committee, Joint Legislative Management and the Dade Delegation in the Florida House of Representatives. He was a political reporter, investigative reporter and Tallahassee bureau chief for the Miami News and Palm Beach Times.

He was Florida correspondent for the Dow Jones, National Observer. He was White House reporter, among other assignments, for the National Enquirer. He was consulting editor for Hemisphere, the journal of the Florida International University Center for the Study of Central and South America way back when Mark Rosenberg was its founding editor.

Eyerdam graduated from Florida State University with a double major in English Literature and Government.

An avid sportsman, boater and champion tournament fisherman, he is the founder and first president of the Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association.

Mr. Eyerdam’s articles have also appeared in The Boating News, getAbstract.com, Southern Boating, Marine Business Journal, Southern Magazine, Florida Sportsman, Redbone Journal, Fast Lane, Horizon, Pleasure Boating, Recommend, Us, National Observer, National Enquirer, New York Daily News Sunday Magazine, The Economist Guide to American Cities, Miami Magazine, South Florida Magazine, New Miami, New Times, the Miami Jewish Tribune, Tampa Tribune, Cocoa Today, Palatka Daily News and others.

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