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A Bridge Over Troubled Water by Renee Drummond-Brown


Stepping out of fear and trusting faith is challenging. Faith of a mustard seed. Faith that one can do all things. Faith of believing on things hoped for and not seen. This faith has given me a vision, mission, purpose and goal to become a catalyst for the plight of African American people and write prose with such conviction that is sure to rouse the soul, touch the broken heart, and ultimately transform one’s mind. There is a call on my life and responsibility, where I have been moved to step out of fear and act on faith to pick up the mantle of the great poets before me and get to gentler terms to bridge the conversation concerning African American people and their complex history relating to slavery, Civil Rights and injustices in the 21st century. Like a bridge over troubled waters, I will lay me down and go beyond my call of duty to write the wrongs truthfully.

My collection of poems governing theme(s) will address the legal institution of human enslavement, primarily Afro-Americans, documented injustices which reflect periods in time relating to the Civil Rights Movement era, the twenty-first century and focus on the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Because I am a black woman, born in the 60’s, down South, during the Civil Rights Movement era, I connect with the Negro dialect associated with both Paul Laurence Dunbar and Dr. Maya Angelo’s poetry. Their literary influence mystified my mind and made me want to investigate more about the plight of my people and share what I learn with the world.

After taking Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement class while at Geneva College and traveling on the “13th Annual Returning to the Roots of Civil Rights Bus Tour” and also Kenya, Africa, I developed a burning desire to make an impact on the world as it relates to a pattern of familiar discrimination on African Americans. My vision is Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight becoming a household name globally while depositing historical facts in poetic fashion that are sure to develop and awaken the soul. My mission is to put prose into action metaphorically pointed, with images designed to have colorblind justice, hear the truth touch freedom and taste love in poetic fashion.  The purpose is to bridge the gap of philosophies, without biases, that will enlighten and unify the human race through the genre of poetic accounts. My goal is to educate the human race, by bridging their knowledge and furthermore reminding the African American people that we cannot forget to remember our past and we cannot remember to forget our present and we should never forget that we were sold to the highest bidder.

Review by Author Deborah Brooks Langford: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Author Renee’ Drummond-Brown collection of poems is always a refreshing read for me. Often times, poetry is seen as a romantic, lofty form of literature, when in reality it can be a stunning form of expression that can take your breath away in a matter of lines. Each book of Renees’ provides a captivating form of poetry, though I suggest it for people who are actually interested in poetry, rather than any form of literature in general. Renees’ writings make for a fine read because it makes it very clear that she is poetess to whom writing poetry comes naturally – her dominion over words and her ability to bend them in whichever way she pleases is something to admire.

I believe that her poems are written based on the authors actual experiences, as there are some poems that obviously has her personal touch otherwise, it is his own perception about things, as well as the things she was able to witness in her daily life. Her books could be a material for discussion in classrooms because the topics talked about in the poems are very relatable to the people these days and days past.

Her originality is so extraordinary, her poetry talks to your soul.

Renee you always have a five-star rating from me.

Global Library: Poetry

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A B.A.D. Poem by Renee’ Drummond-Brown

“Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight will drift you on a memory to make you ‘wanna’ be; no place, but, with B.A.D. poetry”

Review by Easy Rider: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. “Poetry is poems that cause poetic actions.” Renee Drummond-Brown speaks truth in a voice unique within a society of followers. Her poems on the Black experience in America will resonate with all groups of folks who have experienced oppression of many forms. There is wisdom in these words for those who wish to hear it, for those who can hear it, for those who are not blinded by the self-righteous delusion of superiority. Humble thyself and become immersed in the lyrical qualities of Drummond-Brown’s common speech. You’ll be certain that you’re at the feet of a rocking chair, listening to the stories of a great generation, aged to perfection. I would like to hear her poems in an Audible format, preferably read by the poet.

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Renee’s Poems With Wings Are Words In Flight:
I’ll Write Our Wrongs by Renee Drummond-Brown

Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight is a collection of poetic accounts designed to have colorblind justice, hear the truth, touch freedom, taste love, and smell the Rose of Sharon. This book is written with such conviction that it is sure to cleanse the soul, mend the broken heart, and ultimately transform one’s mind.

Review by Debbie Brooks: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Author Renee Drummond Brown Poetry is electrifying. This poetry book “RENEE’S POEMS WITH WINGS ARE WORDS IN FLIGHT” IS OUTSTANDING. Her penned words draw you in with such a force of an imagination that you are hooked. Her Poetry is so unique, I have not found another poet to touch her. I believe one of my favorite poems by Renee is “ALONE” this poem touched the very core of my soul. Hats off to you Renee! With a creative mind with a billion of words and more to come, I can say how wonderful these poems are. I love how her poetry takes you to different worlds at different times. Each Poem would make a great movie. Her poems make my imagination flow.

This book is a five-star rating, and I recommend it to everyone.

Genre: Poetry, Inspirational, Religious Poetry

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Sold: To The Highest Bidder: Renee s Poems with Wings
Are Words in Flight by Renee’ Drummond-Brown

Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight is a collection of poetic injustices that reflect periods in time relating to slavery, Civil Rights Movement and the 21st century.

We Cannot Forget To Remember Our Past, And. . .

We Cannot Remember To Forget Our Present, And. . .

We Should Never Forget, That We Were Sold: To The Highest Bidder! Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown.

Review by John R. Kolkmeyer: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Praise Worthy! is a most accurate description of this deeply involved and intimately personal collection of poetry by Pittsburgh author, Reneé Drummond-Brown. Sold: To The Highest Bidder is complicated on a number of very serious social, ethical and spiritual levels. Any poetic discussion about slavery, racism, faith and social responsibility, all at same time, requires an open mind, an embracing heart and a very engaging soul. Ms. Reneé Drummond-Brown approaches her serious subjects with these expansive requirements in her poetic mind’s eye, as she weaves together biblical verses, solemn thoughts and a unique tenderness about the severe limitations of the lives we live and the times we are in.

Her work is not only timely but it has everything to do with the “times” that we always find ourselves in, regardless of how we got here. As she writes in What time Is It?

“Time creates her own fate

And well worth her wait

She’s neither early or on time

But at the same time; never is she late

What time is it?

A time to heal

Global Library: Poems, African American History, Philosophy Movements (Books)

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The Power Of The Pen by Renee’ Drummond-Brown

Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight are a plethora of poetic thoughts penned to:

Inspire and Nurture Kindreds, while Preparing and Empowering the Nations.

Review by Susan Joyner-Stumpf: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. The Power Of The Pen by Renee’ Drummond- Brown. It was about a little over three years ago I had the fortune to run across a poem by Renee’ Drummond-Brown in my poetry forum group, POTPOURRI POETS AND ARTISTS. To be quite sincere and raw about my first impression, I felt it was a “Call To Arms” to stand up and be counted, make your values and opinions known. In other words, instead of being told to be “quiet,” I felt the need to shout and that’s how I shall always think of Renee, the Poetess that has a voice and gives you the opportunity to voice your own in your own way.

Voice of Steel. Heart of Gold. This is Renee. With her searing words of fortitude and take control and bring awareness to situations whether they be past injustices or modern day, she speaks from a great depth of passion and belief that like a Volcano, cannot lay still beneath the Earth, it must erupt and give credence to whatever moralistic or fact-be-known tremor is running through her blood at the time that demands to be spoken out loud. She uses a unique language to set the tone, whether it be on slavery, women’s rights, anything related to the human condition and then some ~ her words jump from poetic stance to Poetic Warrior and you want to get up and dance with her, wave a flag with her, yell a battle cry from the rooftops all the insanity that has been poured into those of different genre, color, race, creed.

I thank Renee for her “Call” to those distant, dark places in the Universe that scream for awareness, that are speechless and need a voice. She gives them one and when you read the power of her Soul, you realize she is asking you for your voice back from that abyss, to join her in the crusade for all that is wrong or hurt or impaired and needs our attention.

I have awoken. I have a mission. I am not alone. Beside this Poetic Warrior I rise to meet a new Dawn and spread love, hope, awareness to causes, shed light on the incumbent shadows that haunt our pain and willingness to eradicate that pain with a little help from the audience that is stirred into action.

Renee makes you feel proud to be a Woman, a human, and most importantly, her FRIEND.

Read her and you will never be the same. You will gravitate towards that light, never realizing you were only scratching the surface of safe darkness Now it’s time to share that light with the world through the poetic realm, all-empowering. Stay humble in that good light. Speak of truth and don’t squander empathy. Speak for the speechless, listen from the wounds of deafness, you have a place in this world, you are not alone and the Universe needs you. A big order.

All this ~ because I ran across a poem written by Renee’ Drummond-Brown. I’m no longer the old me. Just a better version of me, chasing down the dream, holding on to that Voice of Steel with my own Heart of Gold.

Thank you, Renee.

Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf

Global Library: Poetry

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Tried, Tested and True Poets From Across
The Globe by Renee’ Drummond-Brown

Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight has opened the door to allow mutually inspired poets from across the globe to weigh in and collaborate, bringing the best of the best prolific prose within this book. Thus, it makes them tried, tested, and true poets changing the world, one poem at a time.

Review by Susan S.: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. The words of Renee Drummond-Brown are so intense, it’s almost palpable. In this book of collaborated poems from various writers around the world, we are shown the talent that Renee surrounds herself with, is inspired by, as well as her being one of the writers that inspires others.

I have found Renee to be a very deep and passionate writer of historical events, of love, current issues, etc. Each poem of hers is riveting and moving to the point one feels like joining her cause or inspired to write a poem of their own.

I was blessed to be asked to write for this Anthology, to be among the talent in this Book, Tried, Tested and True Poets From Across The Globe Anthology.

But Renee reins Queen as her words sear through the pages of time and Space, forever to be remembered.

I give this book 5 stars and recommend it for reading wonderful poetry.

Global Library: Poetry, Anthology

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About The Author: Renee’ Drummond-Brown is a renowned author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Geneva College of Western Pennsylvania and The Center for Urban Biblical Ministry (CUBM).

Renee’ is still in pursuit of excellence towards her mark for higher education. She is an accomplished poetess with experience in creative writing and authored several books to her credit. Her work has recently been nominated by the Scarlet Leaf Review’s list for “Best of the Net” nominations, 2018. September, 2018, Wildfire Publications Magazine awarded Renee’s poem “BLACK CRIMES MATTER” Poem of the month.

She has numerous works published globally which can be seen in, KWEE Magazine (Liberian L. Review), Leaves of Ink Magazine, Raven Cage Poetry and Prose Ezine, Scarlet Leaf Publishing House, SickLit Magazine, The Metro Gazette Publishing Company, Inc., Tuck, and Whispers Magazine, amongst many others. Because her work is viewed on a global scale this solidifies her as a force to be reckoned within the literary world of poetry.

Renee’ is inspired by non-other than Dr. Maya Angelou, because of her, Renee’ posits “Still I write, I write, and I’ll write!”

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