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Chitterville by Phy Tizzeey

“Never again shall one Chitter be treated differently than another. And all Chitters are equal contributors to Chitterville. From this point on, these laws govern the land, indeed, this is an exciting time for all of us.”

In Chitterville, there is a tribe of little creatures called “Chitters”. Their civilization has recently been plagued by environmental changes and hostile influences.

As the book opens, the Chitters live in fear that the lush, green forest in which they thrive is on the verge of extinction. An invasion of mysterious creatures, which was foretold by their ancestors, seek to overtake their land.

The young leader of the Chitters, Chip, has attained his role through legacy and is ill-prepared for what the future holds. The Chitters agree that if it were not for Mot, their colony would not have survived. Her wise guidance has proved important as they face the struggle of their lives. Will they survive?

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Product Details:
Paperback: 310 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (July 18, 2020)
Grandmas Book Club: Teen and Young Adult Fantasy

Amazon Print:

About The Author: Author Phy Tizzeey aka Phyllis Pezzella is a business graduate and alumna of Northeastern University. Over her thirty-year career span, she has been a senior legal and financial administrator for a number of financial, legal and investments firms in the east and west coast, as well as a freelance writer.

Presently, Pezzella is a contributor to LinkedIn and was featured on their homepage for an article that she wrote which covered the Plight of the Unions. As a creative portrait artist, as well as a writer, she was recently interviewed from a prominent magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada, called Chic Compass, which was released in paperback and online, for the April 2019 edition.

Also, her body of work is on her website, She also has a blog site called Phyllis Talks. As a young child you could always find Phyllis in the basement reading books like Nancy Drew and writing fairy tale stories on the back of paper bags. Her character list was endless and created by the young neighborhood children she used to babysit. They would relish becoming part of the storyline and she would individually assemble a small paperback book for them to take home and read.

She has always been fascinated with a world of fantasy and as an artist, she is a visual writer, which has been the driving force behind her current literary creation. So, let it be told she believes the best fictional stories written unleash your imagination and take you to a place called, once upon a time.

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