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Fires Of Hell: The Alchemystic (Book One) by Maureen L. Mills

When airship engineer and rogue pyromancer Amelia Everley’s captain is murdered, she vows to find his killer and make him pay. But she didn’t count on having to babysit the captain’s attractive but annoying son, Josiah, through his first command. Nor did she expect the sabotage that threatens to wreck the ship and kill them all.

If only she knew who to trust. Josiah, who hates pyromancers on principle? The first officer, Lieutenant Whitcomb, who disapproves of women aboard airships and might have expected the captaincy in Josiah’s place? Or should Amelia cut her losses and accept a position with the charming Silas Fairlane? The wrong choice could mean losing her chance for revenge, her freedom—or her life.

5 Star Review Headline: Stolen Snatches!

Author Maureen L Mills brings to the table her first book in the Alchemystic series. The book opens when Amelia Everley discovers that her captain has been murdered.

…..Descriptive writing balanced with believable dialog in the thirty-three chapters along with well-developed characters create the desire to keep turning the page.

…..A murder to solve, along with the tension between Amelia and her new captain, might overshadow bringing the airship home in one piece. I always quote a portion of the book to whet your appetite, so I quote:

…..“I’d not sleep again, except in stolen snatches until we made Constantinople some three days hence.

…..Although a chill night breeze entered through the open porthole, the thin stream of air could not compete with the engine’s furnace, which roared at full capacity, radiating excess heat into the engine room. Steam seeped from copper pipes I would have to reseal at the next extended docking. The leaks were small and expected. No pipe could hold up to the flexing of the ship’s timbers for long without cracking—not when they also had to contend with the heat and damp of the steam.

…..But the combination created an atmosphere more like a tropical swamp than the French countryside. Even stripped down to my chemise and stays, sweat soon drenched me.

…..Weariness fogged my vision, slowing me down as I climbed the rungs bolted to the engine’s face to check the water level in the tank. I swiped at my eyes, no doubt streaking my face with soot, leaned closer to see the gauge more clearly, and nearly lost my grip on the rungs as the tocsin began its shrill alarm.

…..I slid down with my feet on either side of the ladder, not bothering with the rungs, and ran to check the control panel gauges.

…..Steam pressure: good. Hot air gasbag temperature: steady and in the green. Air speed: 45 miles per hour, right on target. Barometer…

…..Not good. Not good at all.”

…..You must read this book to understand where science fiction, fantasy and steam driven technology either bring this crew home or leaves them to the perils that threaten them with possibly no justice for the dead captain. Book two in the Alchemistic series titled ‘Airs of Heaven’ is coming soon.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

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About The Author: Maureen Mills lives in Draper, Utah, and is the happily married mother of five grown children, all of whom are proud geeks like their mom and dad.

When she’s not playing with her imaginary friends, she enjoys knitting, reading, and sewing cosplay outfits for her kids, who look a lot better in them than she does.

Along with her husband, she is in the process of creating a steampunk truck camper from scratch.

She also enjoys teaching beginning fiction writing for the local school district’s continuing education program.

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