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Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine (The Bloodline Series Book 1) by Lynda Rees and Sarah Strange

Widowed Lemon Sage Benton starts over in rural Kentucky horse country. A murder victim forces Sage and sexy Sheriff Wyatt Gordon together, and the killer targets Sage. They clash at every turn, but intense attraction is undeniable. Wyatt’s daughter wants Sage out of the picture.

Wyatt’s political aspirations conflict with the life Sage wants. Will Sage survive and win the sheriff’s heart? Or will she throw Wyatt over for his friend, billionaire cowboy, Levi Madison?

Review by Lola j: Loved this story! And enjoyed ready about sage’s dog Tuffy and Crocket, too. I’ll be buying the Blood and Studs and other books next. Your stories can easily make good movies for the Hallmark channel!

Review by Melinda: I am nearly done with the first one and I love it. You are a great writer

About The Book: “Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine” is the first book in a series called The Bloodline. I like stories that show different points of view but sometimes it can be too much. Switching from different characters can be a head spin but I think the author did a great job with this book. You get points of view from Wyatt, Sage and Leah. Hailey, Rose, Leah and Reggie were some of my favorites. Each dealing with the hit’s life gave them and fighting to recover. Each weary of love and friendship. Each experiencing new things that could bring them into the light or snuff it out forever.

When, after a tragedy Sage decided it was best to do what she always dreamed, organic farming. It might be hard work but she’s ready for it. As the town sucks her in and makes her one of their own, she is hit with tragedy again and must decide if she’s able to survive it.

Wyatt doesn’t have a lot of things he loves, his town, his daughter, his job and possibly Sage. She catches his eye like nobody else and her dog, Tuffy, is too much. She’s independent and refuses to ask for help and most times that frustrates the hell out of him. When a tragedy strikes too close to home, he knows he has to be there for his girls and help them through it. Not only that but he has to do his job to the best of his ability.

From The Author: I hope you enjoy my work and we become life-long friends. Time for Romance!
Love is a dangerous mystery. Get the latest book deals, exclusive content and FREE reads by subscribing to my newsletter. Lynda Rees (

From The Inside Flap: Sage discovers a murder victim and clashes with the sexy sheriff. Attraction is undeniable. His teen wants Sage gone, and his political aspirations conflict with Sage’s dream. When targeted, can Sage face an assassin and win the sheriff’s heart, or throw him over for a wealthy racing tycoon?

From The Back Cover: After her husband’s violent death, Lemon Sage Benton pursues her dream of rural Kentucky horse country. When a murder victim is discovered Sage and sexy Sheriff Wyatt Gordon clash at every turn, but their growing attraction is undeniable. Wyatt’s jealous teenage daughter, Hailey, wants Sage out of the picture. Wyatt’s political aspirations conflict with the life Sage wants, and she won’t try to change him like his ex-wife did. Can Sage give up her dream for Wyatt? Who survives when the killer targets Sage and Hailey? Can Sage face the assassin, gain Hailey’s affection and win the sheriff’s heart? Or will she throw Wyatt over for his friend, wealthy racing tycoon, Levi Madison?

About The Author: Lynda is a storyteller, an award-winning novelist, and a free-spirited dreamer with workaholic tendencies and a passion for writing romance. Her dreams come true, blessing her with a supportive family.  Whatever crazy adventure Lynda congers up, her loving Mike is by her side. A diverse background, visits to exotic locations, and curiosity about how history effects today’s world fuels her writing. Born in the splendor of the Appalachian Mountains as a coal miner’s daughter and part-Cherokee, she grew up in northern Kentucky when Newport prospered as a mecca for gambling and prostitution.

Published in romantic suspense, historical romance, advertising copy, and freelance, Lynda is an active member of several professional writing organizations.

The Bloodline Series:

  • Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine
  • Blood & Studs
  • Hot Blooded
  • Blood of Champions
  • Bloodlines & Lies
  • Horseshoes & Roses
  • Leah’s Story
  • The Bloodline Trail
  • Real Money

Product Details:
The Bloodline Series Book 1Paperback: ‎392 Pages
Publisher: ‎Sweetwater Publishing Company (July 20, 2017)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Global Library: Mystery (Murder Thrillers)
BMGN Global Library: Mystery (Cozy)
BMGN Global Library: Mystery (Romance)

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Audio Book:

No Fear by Lynda Rees and Ara Jones

Your child will adore this endearing tale of exploration, friendship and appreciating differences in others. Brilliant illustrations bring to life bear cub, Gus’s, and deer fawn, Dash’s exciting experiences with forest animal friends, to help your child overcome and face fears.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎34 Pages
Publisher: ‎Sweetwater Publishing Company (July 19, 2021)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Self-Help (Sleep Issues)
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Activity-Crafts and Games
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Picture Books

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Audiobook: Coming Soon!

NO FEAR Learning and Activity Book:

Freckle Face & Blondie by Lynda Rees, Harley Nelson and Melinda Williams

Freckle Face or Hailey Benton and Blondie or Mia Neal, rambunctious third-grade girls dream of becoming detectives. They open a private investigation company to start solving cases so they’ll be experts by the time they’re adults.

When their friend Katy disappears suspiciously from a party and her mother is frantic, police make inquiries searching for the girl. They should stay out of it, but Freckles and Blondie follow evidence police discard or push to the bottom of their list, and reveal new clues.

Sharing their discoveries with police, they’re told to stop working the case. With timing critical in a missing child case that could mean the difference between life and death to Katy.

Product Details:
Book 1 Freckle Face & Blondie Series
Paperback: ‎181 Pages
Publisher: ‎Sweetwater Publishing Company (January 29, 2018)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: MG/PT/YA Ages 10 +
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Girls
BMGN Grandma’s Book Club: Mysteries (Detective/Spy Stories-Teen & Young Adult)

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About Lynda Rees: A multi-award-winning novelist and free-spirited dreamer with workaholic tendencies, Lynda is passionate about writing romance. Living the dream on her Kentucky horse farm with the hero of her life story and wacky critters, Lynda is a mother and grandmother. A diverse background and curiosity about history’s mark on today’s world fuels her writing. The part-Cherokee coal miner’s daughter was born in the Appalachian Mountains and grew up in Northern Kentucky, when Newport prospered from gambling and sin.

Published in romantic mystery, women’s contemporary fiction, historical conspiracy fiction, children’s middle-grade fiction, children’s picture books, self-help, advertising and freelance, Lynda is an active member of several professional writing organizations.

Her works are in e-book, print and audiobook, all in English and many in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

More Books By Lynda Rees

Historical Romance:

  • Gold Lust Conspiracy

Romantic Suspense:

  • God Father’s Day
  • Madam Mom

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