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The Tangle Fairy by Loren N. Hackney

The Tangle Fairy is a heartwarming story about an African-American girl who is learning that every girl is beautiful, even if she does have to wear a net to bed and still wakes up with her hair a tangled mess.

“Ouch!” Yasmeen yelled. “I’m sorry baby.” Yasmeen’s mother said, while she brushed her hair. Yasmeen did not like having her hair brushed and combed. Crossing her fingers behind her back while telling a little fib, her mother explains that it must be the ‘Tangle Fairy’ that causes her hair to end up in knots!

Product Details:
Hardcover: ‎26 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (September 28, 2021)
Korey Woods (Illustrator)
Language: ‎English
Grandma’s Book Club: Fairies
Grandma’s Book Club: Girls
Grandma’s Book Club: African American Literature

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About The Author: Author Loren N. Hackney is a disabled, retired English teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a member of SWBAT and has matriculated through the Philadelphia school system. She is fortunate to be a #BAME and a #BIPOC writer. Loren has lived in Philadelphia most of her life, with the exception of the time during her marriage to her first husband, who was a Marine Corps pilot. She has lived across the United States and in Japan. The experience that Loren enjoyed most was her time in El Toro, California, although living in Japan was exotic, she relishes her time in California. She had finally made a home.

At California State University, at Fullerton Loren met one of her best friends and obtained her Master’s degree. She lived ten minutes from the beach, and she was in HEAVEN! While her husband was on a six-month deployment; she was living in a condo in Aliso-Viejo, California, teaching and going to graduate school. Loren’s passion for writing began in the third grade because of a lapsed assignment. She was supposed bring a book in from the library, but unfortunately, she procrastinated and ended up writing a children’s story to fulfill the requirement. She later went to Freedom Theatre, a now debunked, yet notable, theater school in Philadelphia, where she procrastinated yet another assignment. She was to bring in a monologue for her acting class. Instead, she wrote, I Don’t Know What Happened at All…on her way to school. Actually, she performed that piece at the end of the year show called, The Moment of Sharing at Temple University. I write to teach and bring joy to others, says Loren Hackney.

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