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Ripples by Laney Smith

Finally! Now, everything will be better. At least that is what Rachel Tucker is hoping for. After seven rocky years of marriage to her controlling, mentally abusive husband, Shane, Rachel has hope for a new beginning. That hope comes when Shane lands a new job and the family moves from Seattle to a beautiful, new lake house in a small town in Mississippi. It’s just what Shane has always wanted! He finally has his wife and kids to himself – away from the watchful eyes of protective family and friends.

With fantasies of a “new beginning” in her head, Rachel is excited for this new road in life. However, her fantasies are smashed when reality sinks in. New job, new town, new house, new friends, new environment. Same old Shane.

With her new friends rallied behind her, Rachel begins to see how frightening, cruel, and selfish Shane truly is. The mental abuse Shane dishes out begins to manifest in physical ways, and Rachel begins to fear for the lives of herself and her children. Hell-bent on breaking away, Rachel finds obscure ways to bank small sums of money in an effort to fund their escape.

However, after a freakishly strange series of events leads to Shane Tucker’s “fated” demise, one has to wonder how much of it was truly driven by “fate.” Everything in life is a ripple effect. The question is, what will Rachel do when a new set of Ripples forces her to choose between right and wrong? In this bizarre tale, what is right? And what is wrong? If you were in Rachel’s shoes, what would you do?

Product Details:
Paperback: 270 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 7, 2017)
Language: English
Global Library: Romance (Suspense Thrillers)
Global Library: Romance (Contemporary)

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About Laney Smith: Laney Smith (October 19, 1974) is an American author born in Little Rock, AR. The mother of two sons is best known for the Lock Creek: Time Capsule Series, which won a “books-to-screen” competition and is currently being adapted for television. Smith spent her childhood in Texarkana, TX before moving to Aurora, CO in her teen years. She has also lived in a small town in Northern Mississippi, just south of Memphis, TN. Since 2008, Smith has lived in sunny Southern California and attributes her ability to create realistic, worldly characters to her experiences living in various locales.

Her writing career started when she began writing news articles for her local newspaper. After repeatedly hearing from various directions that she should write a book, Smith finally began to seriously consider the suggestion. Shortly thereafter, her debut, Lock Creek: One Year’s Time was published. While she currently has nine novels to her credit, she has also partnered with fellow authors for fundraising anthology projects. Another highlight in Laney’s journey was hosting a Blog Talk Radio show (“Laney’s World” for Writing Under the Influence). For an hour, every other week, she interviewed a different author in hopes of helping readers discover new books. The show concluded in 2016 with a “Year End Bash.” During that episode, Smith “speed interviewed” numerous authors, pushing herself to feature as many authors in an hour as possible. With authors holding on the line as the show drew to a close, Smith agreed to do an encore show. She enjoyed hosting the show and can see herself doing a similar show in the future.

At the time of this publication, in addition to four planned new releases, Smith has kept busy with script writing projects and blogging projects, as well as dabbling in the mortgage industry. When she looks into the future, Smith is excited about the opportunity to see her work brought to life in the form of film. The journalist-turned-author has always had the support and encouragement of family, friends, and peers which has inspired her to keep taking the next step in her journey. While Laney Smith is looking forward to the possibilities of her fun-filled future, her primary focus will always be to entertain her readers.

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