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Devastated Families: A True Story About The Power Of Love, Immigration, and Government by Kristina Juarez

I ran up the stairs, skipping steps in order to get to him on the pedestrian bridge. I’m smiling, crying… so much adrenaline. I could hardly contain myself. I looked at him, and he put his hand up to tell me to stop. People were everywhere, and I was wondering why he was telling me to stop. Didn’t he know how excited I was to see him? Then, he started shaking his head.

My heart was screaming, what do you mean NO?!? How?! He knew exactly how I was feeling, and he held me right away as I almost passed out.

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry, baby,” he cried to me.

My body came to a complete halt. I went into shock right away with the word denied running through my head. I became hysterical, as he had to help me get back to our hotel room. How could this have been? He was a good man! Why was this happening?! OH, MY GOD!

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Message From The Author: “This memoir is about my family’s journey through the process of legalizing my husband.

It’s emotional and heart wrenching, and just one tale that many families are going through.

It talks of the hard times of living apart as a couple, but also as a family. It talks about everyone involved, and all the trials and tribulations that people go through during such a hard time.

It’s also encouraging to those going through the same situation and how to get through it. Most of all, it’s eye opening to those who are unaware of the heartache of having a family being torn apart based on the uncontrollable government policies.”

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