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Worthy by Judy Salz

The earthquake that strikes their hospital catapults three strangers into life-long friendships and exposes the fault lines in each of their characters. Dr. Jenny Gordon, Dr. Mark Stewart, and Chaplain Joseph Waters, all with troubled pasts, yearn to regain their self-esteem, and better their lives and the lives of others. Their determination to overcome obstacles results in a discovery that profoundly benefits mankind. Follow their lives and adventures as they learn to love and trust themselves and each other. Their inspirational journey exemplifies the ability of all of us to make the most of who we are.

Review by Linda Thompson, Host of TheAuthorsShow.com

Worthy is a well-written feel-good read. First time author, Salz, shows a lot of depth in her character descriptions, and the story line is solid. I appreciate the story ending in the future, so as to seem more realistic. If this story actually came to pass it would be a wonderful thing indeed, but we can only dream. While, at times, the writing does get bogged down a bit due to over-attention to details, I read Worthy in one sitting, not wanting to put it down until I knew what happened on the very last page. Anyone looking for a novel that speaks from and to the heart, addresses global health challenges, and proves the need for each individual to feel love and a sense of purpose, Worthy should be at the top of your must-read list. I’ll be recommending this one to all my bookworm friends.

Review by Arya Fomonyuy, Readers’ Favorite

Worthy by Judy Salz is a slim, inspirational novel that explores the deeper meaning of friendship, following the lives of three unusual characters bound together by an inscrutable bond. It is the story of two doctors and a chaplain whose lives are irresistibly linked after a tragedy. Dr. Jenny Gordon has had a very painful past and it catches up with her in ways that tend to overshadow the beauty of her work and womanhood. Dr. Mark Stewart has had a pleasant childhood until a tragedy that altered the way he looks at life. The chaplain, Joseph Waters, has had his own share of problems and he is struggling to redefine his image of God. A friendship between these three people will dramatically change the way they see themselves, God, and the world. Judy Salz’s novel is very inspiring. It is one of the best books I have read on the spirituality of friendship, a story with deeper layers, exploring the beauty of humanity. This book so beautifully shows how our connections with others can help us see ourselves even better, and how friendship can become a haven for the restless heart. The writing is impeccable and the diction is accessible. Salz has a way with words and her narrative voice is as clear as it is compelling. The characters are well-explored and, through a combination of well-crafted dialogues and highly descriptive prose, the author leads readers into the climates of the hearts of her characters and their inner worlds. Worthy redefines the way we look at friendship and gives readers great entertainment, subtly showing them how to transform their lives through genuine human connections. It is a page-turner.

Review by Megan Bain, U.S. Review of Books

The lives of doctors Jenny Gordon and Mark Stewart along with Chaplain Joseph Waters are thrown together when a massive earthquake destroys the hospital where they are working. Now, on his first day of work, Mark must mark patients who managed to escape with ribbons: red for immediate attention, blue for beyond help, and yellow for less serious. Mark is torn as he feels he is playing God in the decision of who lives or dies. Jenny is treating all the patients she can, and Joseph, on his second day as the hospital chaplain, is administering last rights. None of these remarkable characters have had an easy past, and it comes to haunt them, especially on this disastrous day. As time moves on, readers find out about the soured pasts of these three characters and experience them overcome all obstacles together to bring hope, love, spirituality, and healing to as many people as possible throughout the rest of their lives. Through these experiences, these admirable characters also grow spiritually themselves and dispel the ghosts of the past. Salz has created an inspiring novel focusing on faith and spirituality. She shows readers how by faith one can change their life regardless of circumstance. Mark was once homeless, Jenny always feels inadequate due to her mother, and Joseph has a troubled youth with a criminal record yet these three fascinating characters change the entire world with their research, work, prayers, and faith as the novel progresses. Salz connects her astonishing characters by drawing on her background as a physician herself, lending validity to her compelling story. She expresses how people can truly transform not only their lives but also the lives of others all around the world by just having simple faith in yourself and those around you.

Product Details:
Perfect Paperback: ‎365 Pages
Publisher: ‎Hardway Press; 1st Edition (November 1, 2017)
Language: ‎English
Customer Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 Stars (34 ratings)
BMGN Global Library: Fiction (Coming Of Age and Friendships)
BMGN Global Library: Fiction (Adventure)
BMGN Global Library: Fiction (Medical Saga)
BMGN Global Library: Fiction (Saving The Rain Forests)

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About The Author: A semi-retired physician, Judy draws on her years of medical practice, patient encounters and life experiences for inspiration. A native New Yorker, Judy now lives in Las Vegas, where she is indulging in her three passions.

No longer practicing medicine, Judy is keeping her love of medicine alive by doing clinical research.

Writing became a passion more recently. Her first short story,” Mikey”, submitted for publication to The Literary Nest in April 2015, won the fiction contest. Since then, numerous stories have appeared in online magazines and journals.

Her first novel, “Worthy”, was published November 1, 2017. It chronicles two physicians and a hospital chaplain on their journeys toward redeeming their self- esteem. With some assistance from serendipity, their efforts succeed in bettering the world. It has received a five-star review from Readers’ Favorite and a recommended status from the US Review of Books.

Choral singing since high school, Judy is currently a member of The Las Vegas Master Singers, the chorus-in-residence for the Las Philharmonic Orchestra, and performs with them at the Smith Center regularly, and independently at other venues.

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