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The Truth About Eddie: The Beginning by Joseph Sexton

If you were to ask anyone in the county about Artie/Eddie, you’d hear something like, “Why sure I know that rascal. He’s the supreme trouble-maker, he’s the source of all evil, but somehow the law can’t see it, and half the town-folk pamper him. He’s a pest—he’s a worm!” And yet, ninety percent had a sort of twisted love for the guy!

They tell stories about how bad he is, how good he is. A large portion tells about how good he is at being bad. Most all claim to hate him and yet they depend upon him for entertainment that is varied and unexpected to the nth degree. The pranks occur every few months, leaving the town reeling and someone, usually the elderly Doc Thomas, crouching back in a corner; baffled and cross-eyed from trying to figure out what has happened.

Eddie was a character, that’s for sure.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎126 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (May 17, 2019)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Mythology & Folk Tales
Global Library: Humor (Humorous)

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About The Author: After two years in the army, most of it in Korea in 1952/53, I bought a moving company and made good money in the transfer of furniture. I would work all day, then sing and play a big part of the night away. I knew several of the big stars but my idol, Hank Williams, had passed away while I was in the military, so I never got a chance to meet him, although I was backed up several times by some of his band. One night I was singing, “Blue Darling,” when I saw my wife-to-be, and something said to me—She’s The One, and she has been for almost 63 years. I have written about 1500 songs, poems, recitations, etc. There’s been 7 novels published along the way.

For several years I was part of a jail ministry; first in the detention center, then the jail. Once I told the sheriff I wanted to go to the penitentiary, that I had all my paperwork and shots. He said NO! I told him that if Johnny Cash had been allowed to do so, I should too, but he wouldn’t back down. Things are pretty bad when one can’t buy his way into the big house, but the sheriff was a good guy. In the spring of 2017, I had to give up the jail routine due to bad health. I have written an unknown number of short stories and always have several underway; some humorous, some that would scare the socks off you. Almost every part of the, “Truth About Eddie,” series is true, factual—actually happened; I just pepped them up a bit.

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