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Piercing The Cloud: Encountering The Real Me by Jaime A. Pineda

“Piercing the Cloud” is the story of a young boy’s journey into science and spirituality. At 9 years old Jaime is stripped of his family, friends, country, and language, and sent to the U.S. in pursuit of a better life. The departure makes Jaime keenly aware that what he thinks of as the self, the personality that defines him, is really the composite of stories he and others have repeated. This memoir is about the search for the true self that Jaime, and many others, are on each and every day.

As a trained Neuroscientist, Jaime’s views on science are at loggerheads with his views on the spiritual. His story offers hope for anyone living in an apparently empty world in which questions are more numerous than answers.

Reviews: “Piercing the Cloud by Jaime A Pineda is an extremely compelling read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of their spirituality. Jaime’s extensive scientific research goes into great detail into the mechanics of the conscious and subconscious areas of the brain. You really gain such remarkable insight that inspires new ways of thinking and behaving regarding yourself, nature, and others. Jaime explains that this power to tap into our unconsciousness is something we all have, but for some of us, outside influences obscure this innate, natural ability. A fascinating read with some remarkable observations.”    Leslie Jones

“This is a mesmerizing, introspective journey that many readers will relate to, a man’s quest for truth that leads him through crisis to a moment when he has to reconcile his spiritual findings with his scientific knowledge. This introspective narrative is filled with insight and lessons and also with questions that many readers grapple with. Written in prose that is fluid and an engaging voice, Piercing the Cloud: Encountering the Real Me pulls readers into the world of the author and, while entertaining them, provides insights into finding meaning and answers about the enigmas of life. Jaime A. Pineda’s story is one that shows readers the co-existence of spirituality and science and how the author used both to find meaning and answers to some of the most puzzling questions about life.”   Ruffina Oserio

“…what makes this memoir (life review) so uniquely important is the rarity of his perception and understanding that science, while providing great knowledge and technology, does not hold a candle to true spiritual awakening. That science becomes limiting and exclusive when held in the light of unified reality. For Pineda, this was indeed a transformation.”  Joel R. Dennstedt

Product Details:
Paperback: 262 Pages
Publisher: BookBaby (December 1, 2020)
Language: English

Product Details:
Paperback: 262 Pages
Publisher: BookBaby (December 1, 2020)
Language: English
Global Library:  Co-Existence of Spirituality and Science
Global Library:  Fiction (Biographies/Memoirs)
Global Library:  Fiction (Biographies of Buddhism)

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The Dawning Of A New Mind: Book of Verse by Jaime A. Pineda

When writing verse in my early twenties, the poems had a stream-of-consciousness quality to them. I struggled to direct this motivating drive into something coherent, but the ideas were partially obscured by a mind that did not have the necessary insight.

Examples of these earlier efforts can be found in the section titled Pre-Dawning. In my early forties, life began to make more sense and the stream-of-consciousness structure began to feel more like a conscious effort, with a thoughtful reflection of themes that made greater sense.

Examples of this later writing are in the section titled The Dawning. These works have a more coherent structure, and all reflect a growing effort to understand my relationship to life, to a spiritual dimension greater than myself, and to God. In the process of the new dawning, I comment on mundane real-life situations while becoming aware of the slow-developing truth of my being.

Product Details:
Paperback: 104 Pages
Publisher: Authorhouse (May 17, 2019)
Language: English
Global Library: Poetry
Global Library: Poetry (by Men)

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Book Of Verse: The Quieting Of A Mind by Jaime A. Pineda

Such moments of creativity are often accompanied by great emotion occasioned by great joy, beauty, pain, sadness, or depression. In sum, his poetry reflects a process in which the silence and quietness of the mind leads to insight and appreciation of the subtlety, meaningfulness, and depth of the lives we live.

Product Details:
Paperback: 108 Pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (May 26, 2017)
Language: English
Global Library: Poetry
Global Library: Poetry (Love)
Global Library: Poetry (Written by Men)

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Mirror Neuron Systems: The Role Of Mirroring Processes In Social Cognition (Contemporary Neuroscience)
by Jaime A. Pineda, Ph.D

The aim of this book is to bring together social scientists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists, neuropsychologists and others to promote a dialogue about the variety of processes involved in social cognition, as well as the relevance of mirroring neural systems to those processes. Social cognition is a broad discipline that encompasses many issues not yet adequately addressed by neurobiologists. Yet, it is a strong belief that framing these issues in terms of the neural basis of social cognition, especially within an evolutionary perspective, can be a very fruitful strategy.

This book includes some of the leading thinkers in the nascent field of mirroring processes and reflects the authors’ attempts to till common ground from a variety of perspectives. The book raises contrary views and addresses some of the most vexing yet core questions in the field – providing the basis for extended discussion among interested readers and laying down guidelines for future research. It has been argued that interaction with members of one’s own social group enhances cognitive development in primates and especially humans (Barrett & Henzi, 2005). Byrne and Whiten (1988), Donald (1991), and others have speculated that abilities such as cooperation, deception, and imitation led to increasingly complex social interactions among primates resulting in a tremendous expansion of the cerebral cortex. The evolutionary significance of an imitation capability in primates is matched by its ontological consequences.

Review:  “Mirror Neuron Systems: The Role of Mirroring Processes in Social Cognition can be viewed as evolving from this area of specialization, being an anthology of explanations for the relation between mirror neuron locations and functions and some main concepts from social cognition. … This book will serve scholars researching the topic of mirror neurons as new findings emerge and the theoretical understandings mature. The book also serves as a useful addition to graduate courses that cover social cognitive neuroscience.” (Francis C. Staskon, PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 54 (35), 2009)

From the Back Cover: The discovery of mirror neurons and of a mirror neuron system in the human brain raises the interesting possibility that “mirroring” may constitute novel instances of mental simulation. It also provides the basis for unique processes such as “mindreading,” the ability to make inferences about the actions of others. That an elementary process in motor cognition may be foundational to mindreading goes a long way in providing a rational basis for the study of social cognition. Social cognition is a broad discipline that encompasses many issues not yet adequately addressed by neurobiologists. In Mirror Neuron Systems: The Role of Mirroring Processes in Social Cognition, leading thinkers in this nascent field craft chapters aimed at sparking a dialogue regarding the relevance of mirroring neural systems in cognition.

Thought-provoking and cutting-edge, Mirror Neuron Systems: The Role of Mirroring Processes in Social Cognition provides the basis for extended discussion among interested readers and lays down the guidelines for future research in this fascinating and expanding field. It addresses issues common to different perspectives, raises contrary views, and creates the basis for an extended dialogue and discussion.

Product Details:
Print Length: 394 Pages
Publisher: Humana; 2009th Edition (March 1, 2009)
Language: English
Global Library: Medical Books
Global Network: Global Library: Medicine (Neuropsychology)
Global Library: Medicine (Contemporary Neuroscience)

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About Jaime A. Pineda: Jaime A. Pineda is Professor of Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego. He is the author of many widely cited papers in animal and human cognitive and systems neuroscience. He is author two books of poetry (Quieting of a Mind; Dawning of a New Mind) focusing on mind-brain relationships with an emphasis on spirituality, mysticism, environmentalism, and social activism.

In his creative writing, he explores how true seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking can quiet the overactive monkey mind and how it allows silence to become the fountain of creative thought. From such silence emerges an awareness of unity infused with intrinsic joy and filled with a deep and uncompromising dedication to what is true and real while exuding love and empathy towards others.

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