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Benji Goes To A New School by Felicia Champagne

Benji has just started at a brand new school and he is the only one with spikes. The other animals stare at Benji, which makes him uncomfortable and sad. Can Benji find some new friends and fit in at his new school?

Product Details:
Paperback: 28 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (October 4, 2019)
Illustrator: Savannah Horton
Language: English
Grandmas Book Club: Mammals
Grandmas Book Club: Bullying

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Benji’s Responsibility by Felicia Champagne

Benji only had one chore that he had to complete each day after going to school, but he was not completing that task. His mom and dad help him discover what he should be doing and how important responsibility is.

Product Details:
Paperback: 32 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (August 8, 2020)
Illustrator: Savannah Horton
Language: English
Grandmas Book Club: Mammals
Grandmas Book Club: Responsibility

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The Tale Of A Boy and His Duck by Felicia Champagne

The Boy and the Duck have a special relationship.  From the moment the little duckling was born, they bonded. The little duckling was sickly and the boy and his mom helped nurse it back to health.  It loved the boy!

Product Details:
Paperback: 34 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (April 6, 2020)
Illustrator: Savannah Horton
Language: English
Grandmas Book Club: Ducks
Grandmas Book Club: Fiction (Friendship)

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Author Felicia Champagne: Felicia is a stay at home mom to two wonderful little boys. Her oldest absolutely loves reading books. She has enjoyed life and was born and raised in, Maine. Felicia and her husband currently resign in a small town with their two boys, three dogs, some chickens and ducks. Between writing her first children’s book when she was in college and now having it become published and reading an abundance of books with her children, she has come to enjoy writing my own stories.


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