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Maggie The Magnificent by Erin Lee

Maggie the Magnificent, the spunky new kid at school, struggles to win over her stand-offish classmates with her not-quite-perfect magic tricks. When this fails, she finds herself promising to magically fulfill one wish for each classmate the very next day.

Although she instantly skyrockets to mega-popularity, she soon realizes she’ll be magnificently unpopular the next day when her magic tricks do not succeed.

Maggie makes one final effort to impress her new classmates, but will it be enough to keep her new friends, or will she destroy the friendships forever?

Five Star Review: Bright, colorful illustrations will bring “Maggie the Magnificent” to life, in a young reader’s imagination.

…..Maggie loves doing card tricks, making flowers appear, and pulling a rabbit from her hat.

…..Maggie sets out to show how “magnificent” she is, on her first day of school. Making friends is hard to do, even if you are “magnificent”.

…..Maggie’s wonderful imagination reveals itself in a magical notebook.

…..Maggie makes promises to her classmates that she can’t keep, and in doing so, something truly “magnificent” happens!

Author Erin Lee is an elementary teacher and artist living in Long Sault, Ontario with her supportive family and black cat “Bella”. Erin’s goal is to “portray messages about life skills and social skills that cannot necessarily be found in a curriculum”.

This book will make a cherished gift for any young child. It is a perfect bedtime story. As a Grandmother I can say, this book belongs in school, church and community libraries.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Hardcover: 28 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (September 21, 2020)
Reading level: Baby – 12 Years
Language: English
Illustrated by Author Erin Lee
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The Author: Erin Lee is an elementary school teacher and artist living in Long Sault, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honors degree in Fine Arts, Visual Arts. During her undergrad, Erin specialized in drawing/painting with a fascination in portraits. Art continues to play a large role in Erin’s life, as she develops a small paint party business, sells her work, and participates in art shows within her community.

Erin has now found a new love of illustration, beginning with illustrating her own book, Maggie the Magnificent. Erin has written short stories and novels since she was a child. As a young student, she idolized authors such as Robert Munsch, Dr. Suess, and Roald Dahl. Having adventures of her own that she wanted to share, Erin began to write stories herself.

Erin’s love of literature is what inspired her to become a teacher, so that she could share her passion for reading and always be surrounded by books. Erin currently teaches Kindergarten and though, at times, she feels like Ms. Frizzle with her wild avant-garde lessons, she adores her students and often draws upon memorable classroom moments in her stories. It is also through childhood stories that she addresses important topics, such as bullying, inclusion, and anxiety within the classroom setting. She believes that no matter how subtle or minuscule these issues may manifest within the classroom, ensuring that they do not go unheard is crucial for the growth of a child.

During her spare time, Erin plays in her all-girl band on sunny restaurant patios and competes in duathlon/triathlons. She plans to complete in her first marathon next Spring. Above all, Erin enjoys spending time with her wonderful family: her amazing partner (Brad), her loving parents (Sean and Brenda), her two supportive sisters (Jenny and Kelsey), and her old, endearing black cat (Bella).

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