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Birdees and the Bracelet of the Five Gods by Engy Donia

Beware of what you wish for.

Death is the end, but life goes on. The past shouldn’t be messed with.

Birdees is obsessed with her ancestor’s history-ancient Egypt history. After her mother’s tragic death, her obsession grows more and more powerful. She refuses her ordinary boring life and her mind keeps living within the pages of the history books, fascinated by the mystery and magic of the past. But she will soon realize that the reason for her prodigious obsession is that an ancient legacy was left for her from thousands of years before. A burden she holds in her hand for years, unbeknownst to her, that it will bring her pain, suffering and the death of her beloved ones. Yet, she must protect her legacy with her life. It should never fall into the hands of the evil priest, Jed Didy, but must be passed to the rightful owners in order to survive.

A historical fantasy novel based on real kings and queens, real prophecies, real spells, real battles, and real villain; his name was deliberately obliterated from the ancient papyruses.

Product Details:
Paperback: 310 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (March 22, 2021)
Language: English
Global Library: Fantasy: Historical
Global Library: Fantasy: Coming Of Age
Global Library: Fantasy: Teen and Young Adult

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About The Author: Engy M. Donia is the pen name of Engy Mohammed Abd Al Aziz Hafez Donia.

Born in Cairo in 1985. She is married and a mother of two boys. She graduated from Faculty of Commerce, and got a bachelor degree in business administration. However, she didn’t take business as her career, and decided to walk on her family path.

Engy has grown up in a house full of books and writers, and they all loved to write about history, not just write about history, but her family took part in making history as well. During the British occupation of Egypt; Engy’s great-grandfather was an officer in the Egyptian military. In 1919, he led the people of his city; Faraskour and built-up resistance groups, fought the British army bravery. He succeeded in liberating his city, and all cities around it. He became the king of North Nile Delta. King Hafez Donia, ruled his kingdom wisely, until one of his friends betrayed him. His friend handed him to the British, they seized him. He faced a death sentence, but his loyalists didn’t surrender or give up. They revolted against the British army. Threatened to burn down the city as they broke into the prison. Eventually, Engy’s great-grandfather got his freedom. The people of the city honored him with a statue and a monument, erected in his own city and still exists till now.

Later on, Engy’s great-grandfather moved to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and started a new life. He got married, had four children, one of them was the most influential figure in Engy’s life; her grandfather, Abd-Al Aziz. He was a brilliant historian. She still remembers the first time she asked him for a book to read, and he gave her a book about ancient Egypt. Since that day she became obsessed with ancient Egypt history. And she poured her obsession into these pages.


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