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A Mosaic of Perseverance: The Autobiography of Dr. Jerry Galloway

Through this intimate chronology, readers are taken on this amazing life journey of Dr. Jerry Paul Galloway. From Jerry’s modest beginnings in a 1950’s Midwestern family, you will follow along as Jerry grows up, comes of age, and finds his way in the world. Come along as Jerry takes you through the cold war, the musical and cultural revolution of the 1960’s and the technological boom that followed. Jerry was only a teenager when he started a family of his own.

He earned his doctorate in education while raising two children. During this time, he started his own business and maintained his work in the arts. After a lifetime of philosophy and meditation, the many insights he has found through religion, music and the difficulties of life, Jerry shares with you Important lessons for a life of endeavor, enterprise and fortitude. Join Jerry as he leads you through a whimsical comedy and a serious treatise of life that is ever-changing, challenging and intriguing. Come along on his search to find meaning and success, you will be glad you did!

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎368 Pages
Publisher: ‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First Edition (June 4, 2017)
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Autobiography/Memoir
Global Library: Biographies (Men)

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Meet Mary Galloway: A Biography As Told by Dr. Jerry Galloway

Mary Galloway was exceptional. Married and a mother when still a young girl, she excels as an entrepreneur, a talented artist, and care-taker; a martial artist and teacher, a national champion, and quite literally beat cancer. Mary was best known as Mama and for good reason. Her story will illuminate a truly inspirational life.

Dr. Jerry Galloway: Jerry found his young bride when only 16, and with Mary, set out to build a life. In spite of their age, they formed an unbreakable bond that quickly included children. The family tackled every hardship while Mary was a retail clerk and home maker and Jerry worked his way through school ultimately earning his doctorate in education. After 30 years as a university professor, Jerry is now retired but still performs full time with almost 55 years as a musician and entertainer. Jerry and Mary, for 30 years, operated their own martial arts school with a strong competition agenda while continuing to grow the family to include over eight grandchildren. Mary’s many talents and endless support partnered with Jerry to make everything possible. But, at 49 years of marriage, Mary suddenly passed on leaving Jerry to tell this compelling story.

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Paperback: ‎208 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC (September 14, 2020)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Global Library: Autobiography/Memoir
BMGN Global Library: Biographies (Women)

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Drummers Handbook by Dr. Jerry Galloway

Dr. Jerry P. Galloway has over 50 years’ experience playing R&B, R-n-R, and of course Country music. Here is Dr. Galloway’s current 10 piece/8 cymbal Slingerland drum set built in 1974: He began playing drums in 1966.

His first 15 years took him through a wide range of music with numerous bands and studio recording from Milwaukee, Detroit and St. Louis areas to Philadelphia and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Performing 6 nights a week during much of this time, he toured and played dance clubs with a wide variety of popular music. Also, in the mid-1970’s he studied classical music theory and composition for three years at Rowan State University under the tutelage of renowned New York composer, Manny Albam. At various times, Jerry played numerous instruments (keyboards, saxophone, cello, bassoon, trombone, etc.) and expanded his skills as a versatile percussionist.

After playing drums with Webb Pierce (Grand Ole Opry and country music recording Hall-of-Fame’r) touring in southern New Jersey in 1974-1976, he played through the 80’s in Houston, Texas. After a Bachelor’s degree in Logic followed by Law School, Dr. Galloway received his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Houston, TX, in 1987. He was subsequently tenured as a Professor of Instructional Technology at Indiana University Northwest.

Dr. Galloway played through the 1990’s across northern Indiana playing clubs, concerts and private parties. After dozens of books and professional papers published and thousands of presentations, Dr. Galloway, a member MENSA, is now retired from academia. He still works fulltime with his own show as a vocalist and drumming with Colorado’s hottest party band.

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Paperback: ‎58 Pages
Publisher: ‎Pen It! Publications, LLC; First Edition (January 30, 2018)
Language: ‎English
BMGN Global Library: Non-Fiction (Study Guide-Workbook for Drums)
BMGN Global Library: Self-Help (Study Guide-Workbook for Drums)

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About The Author: Dr. Jerry Galloway first began hands-on computing as an IBM-360 mainframe operator in the late 70’s in Houston, Texas. After a Bachelor’s Degree in Logic and Law School at the South Texas College of Law, he began his doctoral work as computer technology was beginning in public schools. He also worked as a VAX-mainframe programmer during the middle 1980’s.

He earned his Doctor of Education degree at the University of Houston in 1987 with some of the earliest work on helping beginning teachers learn and adapt to the demands of instructional technology. After a couple years as a professor at the University of Houston, Dr. Galloway served for 16 years as the Coordinator of Computer Education and Associate Professor of Education at Indiana University Northwest.

He has published dozens of articles, a number of textbooks and a variety of CD media materials. He has now joined the instructional technology faculty at Georgia Southern University. On the personal level, Dr. Galloway is an avid amateur astronomer with his own observatory, a pilot, a drummer performing now for 40 years and a 5th degree black belt and national gold medalist.

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