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Karma In Action: Finding Meaning, Making Choices by Constance L. Vincent

The Western world has a mistaken notion of karma’s true nature. Karma is generally thought of as a religious term, signifying reward or judgment for a person’s deeds. But this isn’t the case.

As author Constance L. Vincent, PhD, explains, karma is a tool we can all use to create positive change in our lives—because life reflects our thoughts and energy.

Using examples from personal experiences, Vincent clearly explains the twelve laws of karma and the different ways karma manifests in our lives. You’ll learn how karma can help you overcome obstacles, anticipate the future, and link unlikely but serendipitous events together for your own benefit. You’ll discover how individual responsibility relates to karmic outcomes. Life doesn’t happen to you—you make life happen.

In addition, you’ll learn about Vincent; her husband, Ed; and how their use of karma underlies their marriage. From the recurring motif of glass that paralleled events in Vincent’s early life to how Ed used the law of responsibility to overcome lung cancer, you’ll find practical, relatable examples of karma as a tool for action.

Learn how to use your karma. Your life will never be the same.

Reviewed by Neil A White for Readers’ Favorite:

…..Told through a fascinating series of life-experience anecdotes by psychologist Constance L Vincent Ph. D., Karma In Action (Finding Meaning, Making Choices) is an expertly researched and masterfully explained book detailing the twelve laws of Karma. The concept of Karma – the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences – comes to us from Buddhist teachings, but the overriding principle is paraphrased in many of today’s religions (e.g., Christianity’s golden rule).

…..In Dr. Vincent’s words: “Karma is not only about unraveling the past to find clues that explain the present or future. No one has to wait until old age to become enlightened.” And it is on this basis that she takes us through many of the life lessons she has learned over time and relayed them back to one of the corresponding twelve laws. There is something to be learned by every reader in Dr. Vincent’s teachings – whether religious or agnostic – as she cleverly links together the spiritual aspects of karma with a solid basis in psychological theory, thereby helping us to fully understand the cause and effect of one’s decision making.

…..A cynic may conclude that it would take an extremely brave – or foolhardy – reviewer to rate a book on karma anything less than five stars, though I would be the exception to that rule. I fall squarely on the agnostic side of the ledger when it comes to matters of spirituality, and have been called far worse than foolhardy. That being said, I found Dr. Vincent’s Karma In Action a fascinating read and well worthy of a five star rating.

About The Author: Developmental psychologist Constance L. Vincent, PhD, earned her doctorate from the University of California, Irvine, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio University. She taught developmental psychology as an associate professor at Chapman University and at Santa Clara University.

Vincent is the author of Not Going Gently, a medical memoir chronicling her mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s. The memoir was one of the few indie books honored by Kirkus Reviews and has been translated into Spanish. Vincent is also the editor of the English edition of Dr. Tom Wu’s Different Approach in Natural Healing.

Dr. Vincent and her husband Ed lived in Menlo Park, California. Sadly, Ed died in 2020, and Constance moved to Bend, Oregon to live near her daughters. While in California, she volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Speaker Bureau and is a member of Peninsula Volunteers, a seniors’ support group. She and her husband enjoyed travel, the opera, and their blended family of four daughters and twelve grandchildren. Their son died in 2015.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎118 Pages
Publisher: ‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st Edition (December 7, 2017)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Religion, Study, Ethics

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Not Going Gently: A Psychologist Fights Back Against Alzheimer’s
For Her Mother. . .and Perhaps Herself by Constance L. Vincent PhD

A poignant mother-daughter memoir, Not Going Gently fuses story and science together into a unique book. Constance L. Vincent, PhD, shares her mother’s personal experience living with Alzheimer’s, intertwined with her own professional research into the disease.

Striving to use her skills to protect her mother’s mental and emotional health, Dr. Vincent must cope with the fact that she is too late to stop the disease. And as she learns how to care for her ailing parent, she can’t help comparing her own age-related memory changes with her mother’s. But instead of allowing loss and fear to claim victory over her future, Dr. Vincent chooses love and hope as she educates herself on the disease and studies the latest research.

While most books about Alzheimer’s focus on only one aspect of the disease from either a scientific or personal perspective, this book expertly melds the two in an all-inclusive portrait of the disease. And it not only honestly addresses this devastating illness that affects millions of people and their loved ones, but also offers hope through groundbreaking prevention plans.

There are two different paths of aging—and you can choose which one you take.

Review by Kirk Erikson, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh:

…..”This is a highly candid and intimate memoir that chronicles the many challenges facing those touched by Alzheimer’s disease.  It is impossible not to be moved by Dr. Vincent’s heartfelt account and the many obstacles facing society as we struggle to understand, prevent, and treat Alzheimer’s disease. 

…..I would highly recommend this memoir to anyone attempting to understand the complex changes that occur in Alzheimer’s disease and to learn what to hope for, and what to expect,

… the course of the disease.”

Kirkus Reviews:

…..The book chronicles Vincent’s investigation . . . .and her increased involvement in her mother’s care. The resulting experience brings the love . . ., and the insidious creep of aging and loss, into stark delineation. . .. Vincent covers the state of Alzheimer’s research today, including strategies . . . Vincent is an adept writer, both when it comes to engrossing storytelling (“The disappearance of a couple in their mid-eighties would cause concern almost anywhere”) and delivering medical facts with significant weight.

From The Author: As the daughter of a father who suffered from dementia before he died and a mother who has Alzheimer’s disease, I likely have a genetic risk for these diseases. Although my role as a long-distance caregiver for my mother was limited, I read as much as I could about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in order to learn the best diet, the best supplements, and the best activities that would help my mother, who was already showing signs of mild cognitive impairment.  I wanted to fight back to save her from slipping into Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately, I learned that the time to prevent dementia is now, while our brains are healthy and early prevention is still effective. Clearly, we have no time to waste.  If I was too late to save my mother from Alzheimer’s, I still had time to use what I learned for myself.  I’ll share the steps I’m taking now to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. I hope you’ll join me.  Like my mother, I am “not going gently.”

From The Back Cover:
…..Early readers have described it as. .
.…..”Full of love and loss”
…..”Wonderful, wise, profound, and touching”
…..”Your story touched my heart”
…..”Needs to be told–so many others will be able to identify with this”

About The Author: Constance L. Vincent, PhD, a psychologist with expertise on aging, earned her doctorate from UC Irvine after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio University. She taught developmental psychology as an associate professor at Chapman University and later taught gerontology at Santa Clara University.

As the daughter of a father who suffered from dementia and a mother who has Alzheimer’s, Dr. Vincent knows she, too, carries the potential for these diseases. Committed to sharing her knowledge about new approaches for early prevention, planning, and protection, Dr. Vincent wrote Not Going Gently to educate and encourage readers through her personal story and scientific research.

Dr. Vincent and her husband Ed lived in Menlo Park, California. Sadly, Ed died in 2020, and Constance moved to Bend, Oregon to live near her daughters. While in California, she was A long-distance caregiver for her mother, she is a member of the Alzheimer’s Association and supported senior programs through Peninsula Volunteers. The couple has always enjoyed world travel and for many years also spent part of their time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where Constance was on a board to raise money for a children’s shelter. Besides traveling, other interests include attending the opera and symphony, and participating in book clubs. They have a son, four daughters, and twelve grandchildren.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎167 Pages
Publisher: ‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 25, 2014)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Self-Help (Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia)

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About Constance L. Vincent: Constance L. Vincent’s book Karma in Action won first place in the California Press Women’s contest. Also, recently, Karma in Action was awarded five gold stars by Readers’ Favorite.

Vincent’s earlier books include Not Going Gently (preventing Alzheimer’s disease); and No Me Iré Dócilmente (its Spanish translation). She earned a Ph.D. at UC Irvine and taught psychology as an associate professor at Chapman and later at Santa Clara universities. She and her husband Ed lived in Menlo Park, CA. Sadly, Ed died in 2020, and Constance moved to Bend, Oregon to live near her daughters.

Editorial Reviews of Karma in Action:

…..”The book offers practical applications drawn from the author’s life that readers can easily adopt in their own It’s relatable and engaging, inspirational, promotes self-reflection, and offers a way of looking at the world that’s focused on positive changes.”

…..”Readers will experience the author’s joys and sorrow, happiness and sadness, strength and determination, and ability to live life to its fullest. Vincent takes readers on a life’s journey and shows that no matter what obstacle may arise, there is a positive way to approach life and achieve happiness. I enjoyed reading this book from start to finish.”

…..”The book’s inspirational tone is consistent throughout and brings to mind a conversation between good friends.”

…..Kirkus Reviews featured Not Going Gently as one of fewer than 10% of Indie reviews chosen to be featured, saying in part: ” . . Vincent is an adept writer, both when it comes to engrossing storytelling (“The disappearance of a couple in their mid-eighties would cause concern almost anywhere, . . .”) and delivering medical facts with significant weight. . . .”

Reviewed by Michael Rustigan: Dr. Constance Vincent has done a spectacular job applying the twelve laws ofkarma to a wide range of personal experiences and fascinating stories. Her book isshort, well-written and profound. In my teaching as a university professor l’veoften brought up the subject of karma without knowing much about it. At theoutset, Professor Vincent defines karma very clearly and differentiates it frommatters of luck and coincidence. She then presents the twelve laws of karma rootedin philosophical thought, current scientific research, and universal religious truths.

Dr. Vincent’s approach is truly unique. Instead of staying on an abstract academic level, she continually provides pearls of wisdom from monks, farmers, poets, artists and gurus. Her book is loaded with brilliant quotations and passages. Her reference to pertinent books and authors is a treasure.

I read Karma in Action on a sunny afternoon. I couldn’t put it down. Treat yourself. This book is a winner!

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