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Zipacna’s Legacy by Cindy Davis

Jade French is baffled when she inherits her grandfather Zipacna’s home in Chi’país, Mexico. She’s neither seen nor heard from him in twenty-five years. If he hadn’t cared enough to keep in touch, what kind of place could it be? And why didn’t he leave it to her father?

Friend Mari urges her to at least check things out. Jade argues that a trip to Mexico is out of the question right now. She’s too busy climbing the corporate ladder. Mari persists.

No surprise: she didn’t inherit a home; it’s a rundown hotel. Big surprise: she decides to stay.

More surprises are in store:

Why will no carpenter take on the restoration project?

Who is trying to scare her away?

What is the strange energy emanating from the ginormous rock in the backyard?

How did her severely broken ankle heal overnight?

One thing does become clear, and it holds more of a mystery than the mountain of questions. The hotel is actually a school for advanced spiritual training. What! Why would Zipacna leave this to her? She has zero knowledge of the topic.

Enter eight-year-old Miguel. Through his spiritual connection to Zipacna, he helps awaken a shocking asset: Jade’s seer and healing ability, which, through Grandfather’s lofty stack of journals, she comes to realize she had all along.

A secret room imparts the knowledge she needs to embrace her spirituality and find a way to bring it to the world. She comes to terms with her legacy, repairs relationships thought long lost, and reopens the school.

Review by Majea Cuantum ( Through this thought-provoking, visionary novel, Cindy Davis shares her perspective on the magical process of growth in human consciousness. You will be taken on an intriguing mind-journey through esoteric wisdom and shamanic tradition, as Jade, the main character, discovers her true-life path by embracing the spiritual and metaphysical knowledge revealed to her by Zipacna – the great spirit of her grandfather. A captivating story serving as an example of how fascinating and meaningful your life can be, when you are open-minded and ready to expand your awareness beyond the physical realm of this world.

Review by Dana Sardano (owner Ubuntu Fish Gallery and Intuitive Lounge, Cindy Davis takes you on a magical ride through her main character, Jade, who listens to the “nudges” of her inner voice and courageously pushes past her fear, which leads her on a journey of self-discovery, reminding the reader that with an awareness and willingness to uncover who we are, we will find the gem that is our soul’s purpose. The setting, in the primitive landscape of Central America, only adds to the mystical undertones of shamanistic wisdom and mind-expanding evolution. Zipacna’s Legacy, an exciting page-turner, definitely leaves the reader desiring more.

Review by Rhonda Penders (President – The Wild Rose Press, Zipacna’s Legacy is a book not only about a woman’s quest to discover more about her spiritual self but also her connection to the earth and her reason for being here. While reading Jade’s story, the reader is taken on a deeper journey and can’t help but form questions of their own. I highly recommend Zipacna’s Legacy whether you’ve ever questioned your traditional spirituality or simply enjoy learning about other traditions and cultures. This is not so much a research book as it is a pleasure to read and it teaches you something in the end without you realizing it.

Review by Inez Bracy (Audacious Living Coach, Author, Speaker Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days To Feel Like A Woman Again. Zipacna is a page-turner and kept me spellbound, I could not put it down! I could see the vivid colors, experience the terrain, and totally engage in the interactions with Jade. The authors expertly interweave surreal and real in magical ways that pulled me forward. I felt as if I were racing to the next experience. This is a must read!

Review by Ann Marie Skordy (Metaphysical Channel / There are some things in this world that defy logical explanation and when they happen you’ve just got to go with it, and that’s exactly what Jade does in Zipacna’s Legacy. This mystical journey of awakening speaks to all of us who are traveling this path and using our courage to transcend our fears to discover that what appears to be is not what is.Cindy Davis spins a riveting tale filled with mystery and enlightenment perfectly paired with her wonderful sense of humor, always reminding us to keep it light!

From The Author: This book was a great delight to write. I was, of course, aware my new husband was spiritual. As it turns out, so was I, but unaware of the fact for over sixty years. The discovery on our honeymoon in Mexico was astonishing, and is told in my memoir The Present.

Because of this, and our intense love of literature, we decided to co-author a fictional story of a woman’s discovery of her spirituality. Kinda like me, but not at all like me. Mysterious, isn’t it? I guess you have to read both books to see what I mean.

For over 20 years, I’ve been known for my intricately designed mysteries. I thought that’s where my writing-love resided. Well, it turns out I love, love, love the metaphysical, paranormal, new age genre too! So much so that we’ve penned two more beyond Zipacna’s Legacy.

From The Back Cover: A novel that stirs the spirituality residing in all of us.

There is an energy vortex in Chi’país, Mexico. Rumor has it the elderly Zipacna created the vortex to lure unsuspecting outsiders (and their tuition) to his school of shamanism. Within the spiritual world, it was a celebrated center for spiritual training, teaching at levels beyond the ‘back to Mother Earth’ that centuries of shamans learned.

Granddaughter Jade inherits the property thinking it’s a hotel. When townspeople shun her, and someone tries to frighten her away, she is baffled, but believes they will come around in time. She discovers the energy vortex but all she knows is it makes her feel invigorated. Until the arrival of 8-year-old Miguel, who, through his spiritual connection to Zipacna, helps awaken a shocking asset: her seer and healer’s ability, which she comes to realize she had all along.

A secret room imparts the knowledge she needs to embrace her spirituality and find a way to bring it to the world. She comes to terms with her legacy, repairs relationships thought long lost, and reopens the school.

About The Author: Cindy is best known for her murder mysteries and romantic suspense, many of which were set in her home state of New Hampshire. And have achieved considerable success.

Now, a transplant to Florida, Cindy has found herself changing not only place of origin but also genre since her latest work is a New Age fiction penned with her husband Rick

She is an award-winning freelance editor who’s worked in both fiction and nonfiction with over a thousand authors.

Product Details:
Paperback: 352 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (October 7, 2020)
Language: English
Rick Palmacci (Illustrator)
Global Library: Fiction (Metaphysical & Visionary)

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Smith & Westen Mysteries:
On the Hook (Volume 1)
Just Smashing (Volume 2)
Two Million Reasons (Volume 3)

On The Hook: Smith and Westen Mysteries Volume 1 by Cindy Davis

A Picasso painting, worth a hundred million dollars, disappears en route from Chicago to New Hampshire. Literally-en route. The painting goes missing while the truck is moving. The painting is there, then it’s not. It’s gone, but it can’t be. Kendra Jean Valentine, underwriting agent for the policy, is on the hook. She scrapes together enough to hire two women to work the case.

Westen Hughes owns a failing pet shop. With creditors phoning daily, she jumps at the chance to earn a bundle of easy money, even though the offer comes from her old nemesis KJ Valentine, who stole everything in high school: head cheerleader, homecoming queen and the star quarterback. KJ pairs her with Westen’s total opposite: Phoebe Smith, a snake-loving, underwear-hating, tuba player with more baggage than Logan Airport.

Ten percent of a hundred million is…well, it’s a lot so Smith and Westen join forces on a roller coaster ride to find one of the world’s most valuable paintings.

5 Stars: Will Keep You Guessing Until The End!

Transporting hundred million-dollar valuables by vehicle presents many challenges as Kendra Jean Valentine, agent for NH Property and Casualty Insurance well knows. Her job requires that she covers all bases. This job was no different from the others. She chose the trucking company, interviewed the two truck drivers and handpicked four security guards to drive in two separate vehicles, one in front and one behind the truck to assist her in driving from Chicago to Buffalo and then non-stop from Buffalo to Concord, New Hampshire.

Arriving at their destination Kendra is relieved to arrive and more than happy to turn Picasso’s The Old Guitarist painting over to the curator, Henderson McGee. The painting was secured and padlocked in a six-foot cube wooden crate. Only Kendra and the curator in Chicago had the keys. When the crate in opened the painting is not inside and Kendra is on the hook. Her exact thought “How was it possible for so many things to go wrong for one person at the same time? She must’ve done something really awful in a past life.”

With strong characters and good dialog, the reader is submerged into a fast paced mystery that is led by two untrained, inexperienced and incompatible women named Smith and Weston. Out of their league these two sleuths find themselves in many situations. I quote one from page # 103 in my copy.

“Smith and Westen started up the walk side-by-side. Westen twisted the antique glass doorknob and they went in, footsteps thudding on the bare hardwood floor, stained by at least fifty years of shoes and boots. The place smelled like a combination of pine cleaner which obviously hadn’t been used in the hallway and vanilla scented candle. They climbed the steep stairs. Westen tried not to touch the railing. She hadn’t brought any hand sanitizer.”

Well written mystery by Author Cindy Davis that will keep you guessing until the end.

After you read On The Hook, Just Smashing (Volume 2) and Two Million Reasons (Volume 3) are waiting for you to solve.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

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Just Smashing: Smith & Westen Mysteries Volume 2 by Cindy Davis

Snake-lover Phoebe Smith and Susie-homemaker Westen Hughes, the Northeast’s most mismatched investigative team, is at it again. During the preliminary unveiling of a local college’s Egyptian exhibit, a vase worth $1.75 million disappears in front of seven people. Well, six people and the thief, because sure as shortcake has strawberries, the vase is there one minute; the next, it’s gone.

Usually clues clog a case but this time secrets are causing more trouble than fifty Dennis the Menaces. Smith disappears for hours on end. Is she tired of Westen 24/7? Or is there a man in her life? Westen can’t ask; she has a secret of her own: she’s taking shooting lessons. Sergeant “Charlie” Bartowski’s secret: without that vase, her promotion will be squashed—again.

Somehow, nemesis Kendra Jean Valentine convinces them to take the case. KJ’s secret: find the vase, collect the 10%. Nothing new there.

Will anyone find the vase?

Will any secrets cause irreparable trouble?

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Two Million Reasons: Smith & Westen Mysteries Volume 3 by Cindy Davis

A mad king. An escaped slave. One warrior to save the realm… When Asherah, stripped of both her memory and her dignity, learns that King Sahlgren is responsible for her torment it nearly breaks her. Instead, she leads her fellow slaves to freedom. More prisons are scattered across Parthalan, and Asherah vows to burn them all.

Caol’nir, a warrior descended from the gods, is sworn to serve and defend the king. Then a priestess is murdered, and Caol’nir learns that Sahlgren is to blame. Determined to stop the king, sacred oath or no, Caol’nir joins Asherah’s rebellion. What Caol’nir doesn’t know is that Sahlgren has promised the demon lord a woman of rare and singular beauty, a woman whose abilities are rumored to rival the sun god’s themselves…a woman Caol’nir knows all too well.

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A Page From The Past by Cindy Davis

The first warning is swift and to the point, but bookstore owners Glenn and Lindsay Reade don’t ‘get it’ until their lives are threatened a second time. All they’ve done is read a young girl’s diary and attempt to locate the owner. Just because the journal describes the girl’s rape and subsequent murder of the rapist is no reason for anyone to want them dead, is it?

The book is obviously more than forty years old. Who in the tiny Berkshire town of Paris, Massachusetts could still care?

But someone does. And that someone is willing to kidnap and murder to protect their long-buried secret.

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Angie Deacon Mysteries:
A Little Murder (Volume 1)
Checkmate: Murder (Volume 2)
Hair Of The Dog (Volume 3)
Drama Queen (Volume 4)
Rest In Pieces (Volume 5)

A Little Murder: Angie Deacon Mysteries Volume One by Cindy Davis

A day of fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee sounds like just the medicine for Angie’s overworked husband’s birthday. In spite of inherent seasickness, she happily goes on the tour with him. How is she to know that by the end of the day they’ll both be suspects in the boat owner’s death?

As police and the forensics team storm the boat, Angie comforts the distraught widow, who quickly becomes the chief suspect. Which makes sense; besides Valerie, why would any of the five strangers want the insensitive Nolan Little dead?

Fearful Val begs Angie to help clear her name. Angie says no, it’s too dangerous. But Val’s determined, and Angie goes along to keep her from getting killed—despite the fact that she just caught Will cheating; despite the fact that her brother-in-law has just run off with every penny of their money; despite the fact that black duffle bags are appearing and disappearing more often than Houdini.

She should, but doesn’t ask herself, “Could any of these events be related?”

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About Cindy Davis: Cindy Davis is originally from the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. In 1989, she and her family moved to the four-season state of New Hampshire, amid the mountains, lakes and year-round views. She’s always enjoyed writing—even began her first novel at the age of 9. The book took place in Egypt and was titled “The Pyramid”. The experts say, “Write what you know” and that’s probably why she never finished the story—until then, she’d never been further from home than Rhode Island!

When her second husband, Bob, encouraged her to go back to school, she enrolled in a Journalism & Short Story course. It’s been a whirlwind since then. She wrote her first novel Final Masquerade–republished as Take the Money and Run, and never looked back. Now, after 14 novels and a number of non-fictions, she’s still going strong. Cindy’s just completed the sixth in her Angie Deacon mystery series set in upstate NH—Stone Cold Sober will be out before Christmas.

In 1998 she began freelance editing. That endeavor has spiraled into a full-time business. She works mostly with fiction, but a lot of non-fiction also. She recently edited a memoir of a retired mafia don and, at the same time, a memoir of a retired dominatrix. Talk about diversion! She’s edited for a number of publishing houses, but the freelance is her favorite because she can pick and choose the most interesting and unique stories to work on with the author.

July 1, Cindy took two life-altering trips. One to Italy where she soaked up the rays and the ambiance. Will a new book be forthcoming? Of course. The second lift-changing situation: she packed up and moved to Florida to soak up more rays and hike with her miniature Dachshund Montana.

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