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Cobalt: The First Novel In The Pseudoverse and an Electric Eclectic Book
(The Pseudoverse Series 1) by CG Blade

The multiple plots within our first thrilling novel in the Pseudoverse Series are fused with futuristic technology and genetic engineering running parallel with each other inside Cobalt until the very end.

The American citizens and the military are subjugated becoming complacent by an unseen threat. Could this be a virus, biological agent, or worse, mind-control?

The entire Pseudoverse Series lays out how we got to the point of artificial intelligence singularity and why. One man’s quest starts out as good intentions for one woman on the verge of death and turns into a final fight for the planet.

In Cobalt, America is hijacked by the Tri-Presidents with the help of the failing United Nations. What they did not count on was an Army Officer with a unique code of quantum programming. Taking back the land she loves is going to require remarkable weapons, investigative skills, cunning, bravery, and an awful lot of Twinkies.

Review by Kate DeNyse: “Let me preface this by saying I really enjoy Distopian novels. When an author does their research and stretches their mind into the future and creates a reality that makes you think hard about what is going on in your present world, I feel it is a book that will become a classic, especially if elements if this dystopian future becomes a reality, as it did for Orwell, Huxley, Phillip Dick, and many others.

C. G. Blade starts this series of pseudosynth novels with a bang, literally. With its video game reality, and introduction to Petra Dace, a soldier who gave it all, I was hooked. I have not read many novels where I am enjoying what I am reading, and wondering how it will all be revealed to the reader as to how the world came to be in such a state. Including many pop culture conspiracies, historical figures, historical events, real technology used to create future technology, and LOADS of sarcasm and one-line jokes, the reader is taken on a journey into a world where America is trying to get back its fundamental freedoms.

Petra Dace is Cobalt. This young soldier was given the opportunity to come back with her side kick Tee, to set things right in the world. This Twinkie eating sharp shooting heroine will have you cheering her on from cover to cover. Strong female characters lead the way into this future world where the bad guys need to be dealt with in the most severe ways. The vices of society are taken to another level with arcing, pill popping, and desires of the flesh – the unvirtuous “bad guys” are the epitome of what is making the country currently fail. The virtuous heroines are not flawless, however their sense of right and wrong has no grey area, and justice is served up with wit and sarcasm, and maybe a Twinky or two.

Once you read this first novel, you will want to know more of how technology has infiltrated the government, and how the fractured world will recover from hell released on earth.”

Review by Roy Murray: “In the last hundred years or so, the world has gone from a one-prop airplane to fly into space; machinery has taken over work people did; and one-day social functions may be taken over by AI, Artificial Intelligence or mostly known as Robots. These events happened because of imagination.

Mr. Blade’s Cobalt has that type of images embedded within his fast-moving Si-Fi novel, First in a Trinity Series. Pushing present day politics to a plausible extreme, with its greed and globalist theme of World Order, he takes the USA into an open society run by three Presidents.

His main character, Petra, champion of the non-state of affairs, is kept alive to fight the evil of the 2080s. Cobalt, an amazing formula, is what keeps her functioning at an unbelievable capacity that her opponents in battle are incapacitated and destroyed.

The adventures, strange confrontations, and side-kick antics with a mind-reading computer that helps Petra conquer situations are amusing and deadly.

The supporting characters are well developed, aiding her to meet goals.

The plot is fast-paced, dynamic, and full of caveats that the intelligent reader will understand and think about for days, as I have, since writing this review. Cobalt is full of surprises any reader will enjoy, even if you are like me who rarely buys this genre. A great find.”

Product Details:
The Pseudoverse Series 1Hardcover: 260 Pages
Publisher:; Second Edition (March 7, 2020)
Publisher: Pseudosynth Press; The First Novel in the Pseudoverse ed. Edition (May 18, 2018)
Katerina Ventova (Illustrator)
Cindy Calloway (Editor)
Language: English
Global Library: Science Fiction (Fantasy)

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Crimson (The Pseudoverse Series 2) by CG Blade

Can technology truly learn to love? If so, which is more important, that love, or the instructions it will receive to perform its duties?

Once the Pseudosynths are exposed what will happen to the technology they leave behind. In this foreshadowing to the Pseudoverse Series, learn who and why America is so vulnerable to attack by the technology we have trusted for so long. In this sequel to Cobalt, Crimson is an homage to Hammer Film Studios (Bray) in the essence of “The Studio That Dripped Blood”.

Crimson has the overall feel of old school horror mixed with a dash of new school science fiction. Prepare to ‘stiffen’ up a bit as Crimson stings her way into your connective tissue.

Brought to its knees, America, and the entire planet, is on the brink of disaster, and only one thing stands in their way of completing their satanic programming. Petra is in for the fight of her life as these ever-growing evil plagues the earth. Crimson is a mind-bending action-packed science fiction novel.

5 Star Review: Cutting Edge!

Author CG Blade (Pseudosynth Press) take science fiction to a whole new level. Experience for yourself, the wealth of creativity, action packed storytelling, remarkable banter between characters, futuristic imagination, sense of humor, and the remarkable ability Author CG Blades has to communicate with ‘you” his reader directly within the script. This is a stunning new approach that will draw you in, keep you turning the page, and wanting more.

There are ‘Media Easter Eggs’ (subtle secrets) embedded in this novel, for the reader to uncover. Enjoy an ‘intermission’ with the author, while America and the planet are under attack by a technology we have trusted for years. Petra is in for the fight of her life as these ever-growing evil plagues the earth. Only one thing stands in their way of completing their satanic programming.

‘Crimson’ the second book in ‘The Pseudoverse Science Fiction Fantasy Series’ by CG Blade opens on October 10, 2076. Petra is in a Med Lab facility in Meredith. She is being monitored by Dr. Siebert and Dr. Sanders. Her Jacchrbyte memory storage upgrade was a success.

Let me bring you into Chapter 7-MULTIPLE:

…..“I mean who in the hell does this secret agency think they are, and where the hell is it located at—are we as Americans supposed to stand back and let a couple of individuals who claim to be responsible, control this, this thing? Where is the accountability? We need answers, and we need them now!”

…..“My guest here today is Dr. Scott Early, who, of course you all know, is the man who wrote the award-winning novel ‘Ms. Daubs’ the story of the American political takeover by the Pseudosynths and how it affected the average citizen’s life. His new novel, ‘Cobalt Fever’ is a firestorm sweeping the nation and is, to say the least controversial.

…..My name is Tom Mzik, journalist and the moderator of America’s newest channel, the United States News Network. This is Interrogation Room, and we’ll be back after this short message.”

…..“Read this book!  You’re being—duped—railroaded!”

…..Dr. Scott Early was standing up, wearing a brown suit holding the book in front of the camera. Violence bathed the cover of the book portraying a still shot of Petra holding up Helen Long’s synthetic body. A flaming patriotic sword sliced through her neck in front of God and the planet.

…..“Uh—well, this is Tom Mzik here at USNN, and we’ll be right back.”

You need this to read this masterpiece for yourself and prepare to experience science fiction in a new realm. Not just for science fiction enthusiasts. Those who enjoy horror, comedy, and fantasy will crave ‘The Pseudoverse Series’.

Special Message from Author CG Blade:“My friend, and sci-fi writer from the 50s, 60, 70s, and 80s Ray Nelson, assisted me in writing the first two novels. I asked him if he wanted credit on the novels. He told me “no, just make me a character in your series”. Hence, you will see Ray Nelson, PhD pop up everywhere in ‘The Pseudoverse Series’. While we were writing these, Ray’s friend and actor, Roddy Piper died, whom Ray wrote the script with John Carpenter for the movie, They Live. The world is a small place, as Ray’s son has my novel Ash, and is currently writing a script for us. As I wrote ‘Crimson’ I saw the ghost of Phillip K. Dick twice. Once, at the foot of my bed, and the second time, leaning over my shoulder talking to me as I wrote Emerald.”

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
The Pseudoverse Series 2Paperback: 280 Pages
Publisher:; 2nd edition (April 16, 2020)
Language: English
Global Library: Science Fiction (Fantasy)

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Onyx: The Fourth Novel In The Pseudoverse Series and an Electric Eclectic Book by CG Blade

In this fourth thriller in the Pseudoverse Series novels, we take you into an ancient time and new direction. Caught between the past and the present, a young archaeologist is thrust forward into the future as a pawn in a twisted game hosted by the corrupt, the greedy, and the underworld. In this fourth novel in our Pseudoverse, the year is 2049, twenty-seven years before Cobalt. Who was the very first Pseudosynth? A detective working a case of murders become a casualty of Ray Nelson’s early work as we follow her and her partner through the wasteland of lies, cover-ups, and mummified remains. This thrilling and mysterious follow-up to Emerald will have you on the edge of your seat as we unveil who was ‘the first genetically engineered conscious being’ in this tale of Egyptian lore turned painfully bloody, and cubed.

“I have been reading much of CG Blade writings since he asked me to beta read Chrome. Being the sixth novel in the Pseudoverse series, I wanted to at least read the first novel. I am a chronically ill person, so reading is not something that happens every day, nor does writing…consequently, why my FB has gone dead. C’est la vie. I was able to get Cobalt and Crimson under my belt but sorely wish now that I could have read them all first since Onyx was slightly revealed in Chrome, and is my favorite novel for many reasons. – The ascension scene at the end of Onyx will never leave your mind or heart. I cheered and cried. These novels are entirely unique.” Kate D. Amazon review

Look to the darkened skies above as the moon moves closer to the sun. In an ever-growing eclipse, the Goddess Serket, the Scorpion Queen, is born for the first time. Onyx is one ‘hell’ of a ride that ends with a shocking conclusion leading to the fifth novel in the series, Heliotrope.

Once it awakens, you had better run like hell! May she have mercy on your tainted soul… Onyx is homage to the best of all Mummy movies and books, and is dedicated to Egyptian director Alex Proyas for his inspirational videos and groundbreaking movies.

5 Star Review: Ancient Egypt Meets The Future In 2049.

Author CG Blade is a mastermind of character development. He studies and interviews real people in his own life, to bring his unique characters to life in his science fiction fantasy. In ‘Onyx’ (book four of ‘The Pseudoverse Series’), his main character Jasmine (Black Goddess) came into consciousness from the voice of a grieving mother, he met on Facebook. This book is dedicated to the soul of a young lady. We should all be so lucky, to be immortalized in the writing of CG Blade.

Let me turn your attention to the year 2049. Two, young archaeologists named Jasmine Smith and Stephanie Croston are working on an archeological dig in Egypt, sponsored by Terra Industries. The mission is to locate the ruins of an Egyptian Scorpion Goddess. Where there are immense buried treasures, there are corrupt men, willing to kill, to inherit what is unearthed. Greed is the second of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’!

Imagine the thousands of years of morbid decaying rot wafting out of this freshly dug hole in the Black Desert, as Jasmine and Stephanie explore the elaborate tunnel system using the maps drawn by bots.The untouched, colorful pictograms, hieroglyphics and patterns of this long-forgotten scorpion race, adorned the walls of the tunnels and chambers of this forbidden underground world.“Pictographs of Anubis, Osiris, and every other Egyptian God and Goddess were present. The eye of Horus was ever-present, preserved forever until now.”

Ask yourself at least three questions as Author CG Blade skillfully transports you back to Ancient Egypt, while hurtling you into the future.

…..What happens if you are exposed to 1,000 times the normal amount of chromium and cobalt usually found in the human body?

…..What happens if you are in a dream state where you can never wake up, never stop falling, never stop screaming?

…..What happens if you wake a dead Egyptian Goddess named ‘Serket’, while stealing her possessions entombed with her?

You need this to read this work of genius for yourself. Enjoy history and science fiction intertwined on a journey, where you will lose track of time and experience a surprising conclusion, that will lead you to ‘Heliotrope’ book five in ‘The Pseudoverse Series’.

Experience the ‘Intermission’ (trade mark of CG Blades novels). After the Appendix, the author provides ‘Heliotrope’ Sneak Peek, Jasmine Cain’s Bio, 42 Negative Confessions from The Papyrus of Ani, Poetry from Cindy J. Smith, Winter Balefire’s Bio, and exclusive hidden text.

I found this read just as engaging, if not more than ‘Crimson’, the second book in ‘The Pseudoverse Series’. Author CG Blade is creative writer, engineer and robot programmer. He is an avid science fiction reader and lover of twisting, ever-turning plots. He takes his readers down many present cyber roads and mysterious plots. His narratives rely heavily on past and present scientific historical research and the human condition.

Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Paperback: 190 Pages
Publisher: Pseudosynth Press; 2nd edition (May 13, 2018)
Publisher:; Second Edition (March 14, 2020)
Language: English
Global Library: Science Fiction (Fantasy)

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About CG Blade: Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic, Historical Science-Fiction, Genetic Engineering, Horror, Witchcraft, Automata Terror, and Egyptology Author.

“Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear”

CG Blade-Cyberpunk, Kitchen Sink Conspiracy, Historical Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering, Horror, Sci-Fi, Terror, and Automata Suspense Author.

Welcome to the Pseudoverse where engineers and scientists bring artificial intelligence and robotic programming to life with the occult and other codices. The main characters such as wounded warriors, police officers, detectives, reporters, aliens, witches, genetic scientists, and mad geniuses become Artificial Intelligence and Robotic badasses saving humanity from external threats and its own bad decisions. Do you love a grand conspiracy within our own “Deep State” of government? Come along and take a wild ride with all of the experiments that go “bump-in-the-night.”

You will be glad you dove into this continuing saga!

On the following colorful pages, you will find the exciting genres, and sub-genres of Cyberpunk, Conspiracy Kitchen Sink, Pulp Fiction, Historical Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering, A.I., Pop Culture, Music, Magic, Fantasy, Witchcraft, Robotics, Horror, Sex, Romance, Mystery, and Noir Crime.

A little bit about CG Blade and his backstory…

“Great novels comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.”

Soaking up every English class in two colleges, he remained steadfast to writing the Pseudoverse Series for the past twenty years. Readers are very familiar with the “jaw-dropping, neck-snapping plot twists” in the Pseudoverse Series of novels. Lightning strikes CG Blade’s powerful creative side regularly, as he never stops writing between novels. The Pseudoverse novels are a “mash-up” of historical fiction, science fiction, horror, and plenty of dark humor and sarcasm. A love of the series “Fringe,” “Universal and Hammer Sci-Fi/Horror” films, and the great minds of authors such as Huxley, Orwell, Dick, Lovecraft, Nelson, Bradbury, Heinlein, Wells, and many others, are the foundation for CG’s writing. CG Blade’s style and technique is a derivative all his own turned upside-down as he takes you through a world of New Order using technology as the ultimate master race.

Author, creative writer, Transhumanist, Pseudosynth, and former robotic engineer and programmer, CG is an avid science fiction reader and lover of twisting, ever-turning plots. Taking the reader down many thrilling cyber roads and mysterious paths, his narratives rely heavily on past and present scientific, historical research, and the human condition. Melding the past, present, and future, these stories are carefully mixed and stirred with music lyrics, real people, historical fiction, and the potential of artificial intelligence run amok. Fused with satirical commentary and the first musical “Grindhouse” intermissions in novels (Including poetry), he continues his fiction writing with Amaranth, Gold, Amber, Copper, Radium, and Turquoise, and Granite. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife Jackie, and their two rambunctious but lovable cats, Jeri Boo, and Bullet.

“Science fiction’s message should be subtle. Like a robotic finger pushing through your skull, poking around, waking you up.” CG Blade

“The Pseudoverse Series has everything you love in one set of fantastic novels! These are the most gripping, twisting, turning, and well-written series of futuristic historical fiction novels you will ever lay your hands on. You will be asking yourself, “why didn’t I come across these sooner?” The cliffhangers from novel-to-novel suck you in like no other series you have read in a long time. Kudos to CG, and his extensive research into all things scary, including “politics by mind-control.”” – Karen S. – Amazon Review

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The Pseudoverse Ice and Fire Pseudosynth Press Publishing Novels Video Premiere!

The CG Blade Interview from the “Behind The Pen” show hosted by Karina Kantas

Emerald and Crimson Audiobook Update Fire, Amaranth, Scarlet, and Radium Update

Jasmine Cain 3 Song Sampler Plate YouTube Special

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Pseudoverse Series Novels (2018)

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