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To Live and Die In Amerikkka: Inequality, Rage and Despair by Anthony Arnold

Winner of the 2015 National Poetry Award (Freedom Poet of the Year), Anthony Arnold is a poet that has always shed light on inequality and racism. He uses poetry to make the world understand the plight of black people.

This is a necessary collection of poetry that shows love to the black community. Some pieces will make you weep with the sorrow of its reality, while others will make you full of pride and triumph. No matter what piece you read, just know that you will be moved with hope and a feeling of being seen and heard.

“We are burying our people in record numbers and no one seems to have an answer. Not the leaders, not the police. No one. To live and die in Amerikkka!” –Anthony Arnold

Review by Dedra Washington: 5.0 Out Of 5 Stars. “Right on time. Due to the state of America right now… I felt this work is right on time. The piece titled ” Two Seconds” will make your heartbreak. Mr. Arnold touched on every aspect that is going on in the black community whether it’s taking you back to the past with Rosewood, Selma or Black Wall Street or walking home from a convenience store with a bag of skittles. No matter the time line you will definitely get an understanding of the plight of Black America. I highly recommend this book to add to your collection.”

Review by Leonard Robinson: 5.0 Out Of 5 Stars. “Riveting!Poetry has evolved thru time and “To Live and Die in Amerikkka” definitely illustrates the power of the written word. The pain of a race, the division of a nation, and the sorrow that is felt daily is conveyed in this collection of work. Powerful, Influential and Inspiring.”

Review by katrinablackbutterfli: 5.0 Out Of 5 Stars. “This book was everything and right on time!!This was an amazing book of poetry!! I love the storytelling and how it spoke of the real America. This book left me speechless and in tears. It touched all of the timeline that affect blacks in America and was definitely a wake up call. this book is powerful, raw and right on time!!!”

Product Details:
Paperback: 126 Pages
Publisher: Steamy Trails Publishing (August 3, 2020)
Language: English
Global Library: Literature (African American)
Global Library: Poetry (African American)

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The Author: Anthony Arnold is a budding Poet and Writer, as early as the third grade when he composed his very first poem, Florida raised writer Anthony Arnold fell in love with words finding them to be a comfort and mainstay throughout his life. Raised to be a reader by his Grandmother, he soon developed a keen awareness and love for Black History. He has a particular gift in this genre although he is one of the most versatile Poets of his generation.

As an avid reader of all genres of literature, he has found a particular passion for Black History. He believes his ancestry and the legacy of those who came before him, gave their blood, sweat and tears to make it possible for him to live a life of freedom and liberation. He is saddened by the fact that it appears the current generation has little knowledge of and doesn’t seem to know or speak of Family History, especially Black History. He hopes through his writing he is able to educate others more about the historical significance of the challenges African Americans as well as the contribution of African Americans throughout history including those events which are very rarely discussed or taught in public schools, such as African American roles in the Civil War. He hopes to shed more light on the strength of Black People throughout history.

Although his writing passion is focused a great deal on his own African American Culture Anthony Arnold has a deep love for all mankind that grew during his service to his country. Anthony Arnold has proudly retired from service in the US Air Force. During his career he was awarded numerous medals, including Air Force Achievement Medal-1986, 1993 and 2001 and many more.

Through poetic expression, this book is the beginnings of fulfilling his desire to share knowledge with the younger generation with more about their ancestors and culture; letting them know they are much more than what some in society has labeled them.

Published Books:

  • My People, Our Trials And Tribulations
  • Random Thoughts: Reflections From The Mind Of A Poet
  • To Live and Die In Amerikkka: Inequality, Rage and Despair
  • Urban Musings

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