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The Grey Secret Series: No Faith, No Trust, Just Pixie Dust
(Book 1 of 3: The Gray Secrets Series) by Amelia Bronson

If you only had a short time on this earth what would you do?

Would you run off with a stranger that has a secret?

What if he was your only chance to see the world?

When Arein finds out that a mysterious Illness has left her with who knows how long to live, she takes a chance with a stranger and leaves home for good. The Halfling Fin has a dangerous secret and what was supposed to be a simple walk in the woods soon turns treacherous.

Something is very wrong in the forest, and when the Pixies ask for their help, Arein must decide who she can trust and what her life is worth.

Product Details:
Book 1 of 3: The Gray Secrets Series
Paperback: ‎218 Pages
Publisher: ‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 29, 2017)
Publisher: Pen It Publications, LLC
ISBN-10: ‎1545358842
ISBN-13: ‎978-1545358849
Language: ‎English
BMGN Global Library: Fantasy (General)

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About The Author: Growing up I was the reader of my family. Always had my nose in a book. When I wasn’t reading, I was playing pretend with my older brothers and friends. So, I guess you could say that adventure has always been in my blood.

I have always enjoyed writing. My mother actually would make me write all the time to help improve my penmanship. I never left the house without a notebook and pen. I knew that I was going to be an author and finally being able to live my dream has been awesome.

With my first book No Faith, No Trust, Just Pixie Dust I hope that everyone gets to see what kind of writer I am and get lost in the world I have created for them.

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