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Echoes of Innocence (Linked Book 3) by Alex G. Zarate

Tommy and his cat Snowy continue to develop their abilities when a beloved neighbor is murdered.

Tommy and Snowy soon find themselves separated by emotion and circumstance, leaving Tommy seeking answers on his own… seeking answers in the lives and struggles of his friends as well as delving into his lost father’s youth.

Tommy will need to come to terms with his anger as he finds secrets of the past, struggles of the present and the Echoes of Innocence.

Series: Linked (Book 3)
Global Library: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction

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About The Author: Alex G. Zarate: Active writer, dedicated novelist, philosopher, positive advocate, eccentric artist and keeper to the secrets of the universe. Born somewhere in Texas when a rip in space/time opened a dimensional rift that nearly wiped out all of humanity. (It might have been a little different but he was newborn and hadn’t thought to take notes.)

Alex published his first book in 2008 entitled The Orb. A tale of adventure, exploration of the stars and secret treachery only the ship’s A.I. and the newly assigned captain can uncover in order to save the ship.

His next novel was the beginning of The Cat Rule Chronicles: Linked. A tale of eight-year-old Tommy Harris and his newly found kitten, Snowy, who shares his special abilities with Tommy. Together they see beyond the veil of reality, save friends and family while making time to fight bullies and serial killers. Feel free to check them out because – space adventures and teleporting cats!

Alex writes obsessively, only leaving his enclosed bubble of reality from time to time, taking landscape pictures while squinting at the blazing ball of fire in the sky as he hikes the countryside marveling at the strange world beyond his computer screen.

Alex currently resides in the shake and bake realm known as California where he writes, blogs, vlogs, tweets, posts videos and Instagrams his pictures and hopeful thoughts. He is rumored to sleep between blinks.

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