Selecting A Book Title

As an avid reader I have seen my share of book titles. As a published author and publishing coach let me share my thoughts and observations with you.

  • A book title is your first introduction to a reader about yourself and your book. I have no doubt that your title will be the first important book marketing decision of your publishing and marketing career.
  • A book title should capture the essence of your book in a snippet (one short line). Your reader will judge your book first by its title.
  • It doesn’t matter if you choose your title before or after you write your manuscript, as long as it the right title.

Do Your Research and Know The Facts:

  • Is your book title unique?
  • Does it grab the reader’s attention?
  • Is it memorable at first glance?
  • Is it easy to repeat and share with all audiences with no issues?
  • Will your book title fit well into the genre that you desire?
  • A book title should always be followed by your professional byline.
  • Keep in mind that long titles are very hard to promote online within social media and blogs not to mention extremely hard for search engines to index properly.
  • Important Fact: titles are repeated so often because a title can’t be copyrighted.

Practical Functions of Your Title:

  • First and foremost to sell your book.
  • Give you authority on a particular subject.
  • Identify your book on an Amazon/B&N or independent publisher’s listing.
  • Titles will brand your book series. Think carefully and lay out your series titles in proper order. Keep in mind you might need to alphabetical them at some point.
  • Your title will be listed in your author bio.
  •  Your title will be an integral part of all your marketing and promotional materials (business cards, tee shirts, bookmarks, etc.) whether online or in local press materials.
  • Your title and perhaps sub-title will be the primary part of your book cover and book video trailer in addition to any graphics and descriptions.

Additional Information:Did you know that you only have seconds to capture your reader and sell them with your title?

Did you know that your professional book cover (front and back) will speak volumes to your reader?

It is best to keep your bio and book description on the back cover short, information and attention grabbing.

Did you know that the younger generation will view a professional book trailer/video before purchasing?

Did you know that you need to offer your book in both print (soft cover) and Kindle/eBook in order to get a good balance of sales from all age groups?

Do your research and price your print and ebook so it will sell. Do you want to sell one book at a ridiculous high price or hundreds at a responsible price? Readers are looking for the lowest possible prices in this market and you need to entice them with a great price.

Keep in mind that some genres sell well and others not as well. Research, go on author forums and find out what other authors are saying about book sales in their particular genre.

Be patient, don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight. Success in this industry is earned by hard work promoting you book in as many local and online avenues as possible.

Get as many honest reviews as you can without compromising your standards.

Did you know that traditional publishers (a dying breed) are demanding the same kind of promotional work out of their authors as you will have to put in as a self-published author?

Pitfall: Why would you give your book away for free? Authors who do this hurt themselves and all other self-published authors. If you give your book away for free, this will hurt your future sales of any new books as readers will expect free. You have worked hard to write your book, now price it properly and enjoy your success with sales.

Never apologize for being a self-published author. Self-published authors are taking the industry by storm and deserve respect for their hard work and determination.

Remember that you and your book are unique and your sales will reflect your quality, perseverance and attitude.

Article Written by Book Marketing Global Network
Date: January 24, 2019


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