Marketing Tips

  1. Let Book Marketing Global Network Promote Your Books.
  2. Share Your Online Newsletter With Book Marketing Global Network.
  3. Share Your Articles (pertaining to writing) With Book Marketing Global Network.
  4. Allow Book Marketing Global Network To Review Your Book.
  5. Join At Least One Social Network Like Facebook or Twitter.
  6. Join Online Writing Groups and Writer Organizations.
  7. Create Your Own Professional Website and Use The Proper Key Words To Help Market Your Brand Online.
  8. Create A Professional Bio (third person). Keep It Up-To-Date.
  9. Create And Share A Professional Author Photo.
  10. Create An Amazon Author’s Page.
  11. Hand Out Professional Business Cards.
  12. Ask Store If You Can Put Up A Poster On Their Public Bulletin Board.
  13. Enter Free Book Cover Contest, Etc.
  14. Accept FREE Interviews.
  15. Visit Your Local Bookstores and Libraries
  16. Ask Local Bookstores, Libraries, Local Family Run Businesses If You Can Have A Book Signing.
  17.  Contact Local Radio/TV Talk Shows and Local News Stations For An Interview.
  18. Sometimes Local Public TV Stations Will Do Interviews.
  19. Connect With People Who Do Podcasts and Ask For An Interview.
  20. Ask Your Friends and Family To Advertise For You On Their Websites or Social Media Platforms.
  21. Set Up A Book Signing Table In Your Local Flea Market Or Yard Sales Opportunities.

Most Important: Put Book Marketing Global Network to work for you. This will allow us to promote your books over all our promotional websites and social media account.

Article Written by Book Marketing Global Network
Date: January 24, 2019


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