Mad Mischief (Short Story Collection) by Angela Shearer

Mad Mischief by Angela Shearer

Mad Mischief is a throng of short stories born in dark corners and on misty roads. They bring to life the obscure and breathe life into those things that hide away, in the crawlspace, beneath the house. At the witching hour, they whisper to us and tug at our toes when we stand too close to the edge.

Short stories are our paramours in literature, our senseless lovers that we flirt and dance with in shameless moments. They make all things possible, turning the world inside out, as they drive us beyond boredom and logic. Like concubines, they require no commitment and they take us to those shady and derelict places that we are too afraid to go to on our own. They delight and mystify us with their madness, holding us in their fleeting embrace just long enough to keep us wanting more.

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Paperback: 334 Pages
Genre: Short Stories

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Relevant by Angela Shearer

People are feral creatures who sometimes leave human footprints.  Our magic lies in the wildness that remains between our domestication and our instinct. The world changes daily around us and the only way for us to keep up with it is to make sure we remain RELEVANT.

Relevance means having more than a few options.  We need to know how to reinvent ourselves each time its required and it’s about keeping ourselves current with constant learning so that we can remain financially and psychologically independent in a demanding and competitive world. 

RELEVANT contains the blueprint for disabling fear, beating our doubts and finding what our greatest desires and passions are so that we can pursue them. It provides us with the approval that we need to go out into the world and be strong.  All of us deserve to live a full and wholesome life of our own making and RELEVANT guides us to our own greatness.

Being relevant takes time, practice, energy, observation, thought and action.  It is the ultimate journey towards self-mastery.  Everybody wins.

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Print Length: 276 Pages
Genre: Spiritual Healing, Personal Transformation, Self-Help, Religion, Spirituality

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Book Of Menace by Angela Shearer

Turmoil bubbles up through the cracks of the Underwood as long forgotten travesties stir, seeking redemption.

The newly awakened power of an Innocent has sent tremors through Goblin Park and dark places beyond, nudging awake creatures and beasts that would be best left asleep. Guilt awakens in those who misused their magic and circumstance forces them back onto a path they were trying to forget. They must dig up what they had buried and help the Innocent navigate a treacherous world of trickery and menace to find their absolution.

The Innocent must overcome her own limitations and be old beyond her years to save her own life and the legends that make Goblin Park and the Underwood worth saving. The Gypsy Winds blow, pulling those together again who must guide and teach the Innocent everything she must know to succeed.

She must pilot her way through places like the Muddle, Watergate Wasteland and the Castle of Mirrors where things are never as they seem. In leaps and bounds she must make new unlikely friends at places like Mildew Manor and the Valley of Clay, for within the confines of those wicked places, where she faces death, she will find the answers that she needs to undo what the generation before could not fix.

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Print Length: 334 Pages
Genre: Children’s Folk Tales, Myth Collections, Magical Realism, Fairy Tale Fantasy

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About Angela Shearer: “I’ve studied and researched various subjects and disciplines including creative writing, project management, corporate and private investigations, communications, cyber investigations, advertising, security, marketing, NLP, Life and Executive coaching as well as others.

I have a passion for new ideas, growth, development and transformation and I actively participate in mentoring and coaching to ensure that those around me have functional support when and if they need it.  In return, I learn from them every day and I find myself abundantly supported by others.

I work as an IT Project Manager and run two other businesses of my own.  I run a consumables company called Bad Badger with my partner. The core function of this business, which started with honey production to help sustain the environment, is to grow the brand and create jobs and learning opportunities.

My other business is a digital design studio called Ripley Archer.  This business provides writing services for businesses and individuals as well as personal and company brand development and implementation.

My biggest goal was realised when I published my first book in 2016.  Since then I’ve published another two books; Mad Mischief and The Book of Menace.  There is no end in sight.  Books choose you, you don’t choose them.”

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