A Girl For Her Series by Amber M. Kestner

Jana & Angel: A Girl For Her Series Volume 1 by Amber M. Kestner

Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild, she is special to me in every way. Let’s call her Jana, and she has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years, but feels like forever even when we talk every day. It’s not like we haven’t planned to see each other again, it has been in my mind to finally be in love with a woman, and she’s the closest to my heart for years.

Jana and I have the same thoughts and beliefs of a happy couple. She’s never been with another woman, so this is my chance to show her the love I feel but take it slowly and thoughtful as possible. I believe Jana can be happy with the right person as though it might be scary at first but what woman isn’t when they go for someone new? This is my story of how my happiness to Jana Johnson was worth it. My name is Angel Knight, and I’ll be guiding you to beginning to the end.

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Series: A Girl For Her (Book 1)
Paperback: 24 Pages
Genre: LGBT Fiction

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Jana & Angel: A Girl For Her Series Volume 2 by Amber M. Kestner

Angel and Jana’s relationship has been going perfectly since they have met. The bookstore cafe has a name now called Windsong with a spiritual feel to it.

Now that time has flown by for a year without making love and keeping promises to each other they are ready to move out of Rose County, Michigan head off to Cherokee County, Kansas which is where Jana grew up with her parent’s.

Angel and Jana are now ready to take on a whole new path with adopting a child or two, settle for making love, engagement and much more but the question that has us all wondering, what is going on with Scarlett too?

I am not going to give a way too much of the story since we are giving this a whole new look.

Could Jana actually come out as lesbian with her lover Angel or will it take too much on Jana to handle?

Let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?

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Series: A Girl For Her (Book 2)
Print Length: 49 Pages
Genre: LGBT Fiction

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Jana & Angel: A Girl For Her Series Volume 3 by Amber M. Kestner

Angel Knight is now Annabel Thomas, she has to make the right choice that could cost her everything including with Jana. Angel wasn’t going to lose her fiancée in this battle with Scarlett, she will not be Mrs. Annabel Thomas for the rest of her life. Angel loves her fiancé and kids this time no one will stop her love for destiny in Kansas.

Jana is raising her kids on her very own but one thing she misses is her true love Angel Nicole Knight, they were going to plan a wedding and everything until Scarlett took Angel. Jana has plans to rescue Angel but it will take time away from the kids. Can Angel survive Scarlett’s wrath and go back to her love? Would Jana move if she can’t get her love back?

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Series: A Girl For Her (Book 3)
Paperback: 34 Pages
Genre: LGBT Fiction

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About The Author: Amber M. Kestner is 30 years old. She is a full-time mother, loves to read, loves the color pink and loves the fictional character Betty Boop.

Coffee gets her day going. She loves to go to the library and to bookstores. She is grateful to have a wonderful boyfriend who is helping her raise her daughter and gives her daughter a father.

Amber is disabled with heart valve disease. She has endured three surgeries, the last one when her daughter was in the ninth grade. She struggles with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Amber is not ashamed to say that she is lesbian and chooses to write LGBT Fiction. Her series titled “A Girl For Her” among many of her titles. She writes under the name Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose.

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