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We Are Seeking Entrepreneurs Who Would Like The
Global Marketing Reach That We Have To Offer.

What You Can Expect:

  1. We will create your promotional page and list it on Book Marketing Global Network.
  2. We will put your logo on all of our websites (10 at the moment).
  3. We will give your product a shout-out on our Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter Feed and we will post an article for you on our LinkedIn Feed.
  4. You can track your visitors (on the bottom of your BMGN Promotional Page.

What We Need From You:

  • We need your product information.
  • We need your logo.
  • We need your price list.
  • We need your contact information.
  • We need your profession website link.
  • We need your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn link (if you have one).
  • We need any special photos that you would like shared on your page. We are happy to harvest all your information from online, if you tell us where to find it.



Annual Cost For One Page Is $50.00 (invoiced through Pay Pal).
We Are Only Accepting Product/Service Listings
From The USA and Canada.


Please Visit Our Showcase Page “Queen Bee Designs”.

If You Are An Author In Search Of Global Book Promotion, Please Visit This Link:

List Of Our Online Global Promotional Websites

Book Marketing Global Network (Start Date 2018)

Avid Reader Global Network (Start Date June 15, 2019)

Books In Sync

Cold Coffee Press

Screenplay Worthy

Authors Global Network

Cold Coffee Press Magazine


Author Meeting Place

eReader Paradise

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