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  • We create an ‘Author’s Page’ for you. We do all the work, leaving you more time to write.
  • You receive homepage exposure (authors are listed on homepage and on the top of all main pages)!
  • We provide ongoing promotion for all our authors, as we invite readers to your Author’s Page!
  • You can add books to your page at any time.
  • We submit your book(s) into our ‘Monthly Awards/Contest’ automatically.
  • Your ‘Author’s Page’ will be active year-round and we work to build a readership for your page.
  • Follow your ‘Reader/Visitor Count’ on the top left-hand side of your ‘Author’s Page’.
  • Your book(s) will be listed in our ‘Global Library’ (for adult readers).
  • Your children’s book(s) will be listed in our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (for young readers).
  • Some of our authors report using their ‘Author’s Page’ for a website (giving them more time to write).
  • We accept all book and all genres from all publishers.
  • Our work is labor intensive. No refunds after your ‘Author’s Page is created and live!

Please Read The Information Below, To Fully Understand Our Policies Before Requesting To Join Our Community:

Our Mission: We are here to serve readers and authors.

Data On Our Author Pages, Publisher Pages, and Service Provider Pages: The information listed on our pages have been provided by our Authors and/or Publishers. We harvest from websites and other locations, as instructed by our Authors and/or Publishers.

Privacy On BMGN: Our website is powered by WordPress. WordPress collects data, in keeping with all their ‘Word Press Themes’. They collect data shown on the ‘user profile screen’ from our registered users. ‘Cookies’ are collected by WordPress.

Request To Join Us Here: https://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/home/join/

Emails: We believe in communication. We use email to let our authors know when he or she has won a Awards/Contests. We also send out our ‘Promotional Reports’ and Newsletters through email.

Home Page (Landing Page): We hold the right to promote any of our Authors and/or Books for the period of time we deem necessary, for promotional purposes.

Website Pages: Our pages are open to the public for reading. Our visitors (readers) can download our special PDFs, which are meant to encourage readers to support our amazing Authors.

Author’s Page: To keep your ‘Author’s Page’ active, please respond to our emails. If we do not hear from you, or you do not respond to our emails within one calendar year, your ‘Author’s Page’ will be in danger of being put on ‘Private’ or ‘Deleted’. Our program works best when we work together to produce results. Some of our authors use their ‘Author’s Page’ for a website, giving them more time to write.

Author’s Page Written Content: We gather the written page content from several pages including Amazon, Author’s Website, Author’s Blog, Back Of The Book Cover, etc. We are not responsible for any grammatical errors due to errors that the Author and or Publisher made while creating and sharing the content. Please double check your book descriptions and bios for any typos. We may charge a fee to back track and change anything. We use what we are given, to the letter.

Photo Groups: As of 06-04-2022 our book photo group template has been upgraded. It will include the front and back cover of the book, whenever possible. Covers are provided by the author. Each book cover is unique in size, so each photo group will be unique, and include our classic border. Older pages will be updated as authors communicate with us. Thank you for working with us, through this upgrade process.

Promotional Campaign Program: You are welcome to request a ‘Promotional Campaign’ at any time. After each ‘Promotional Campaign’, we give you a ‘Promotional Report’ (with live links). We also give you the ‘Promotional Tools’ that we use for your ‘Promotional Campaign’ so you can promote yourself on your own website, blogs and on social media. We also give you the links to promote yourself alongside our promotions within Social Media avenues.

Important News: We will send you a ‘Word Doc’ with a list of links, inviting you to promote your own book(s) on our Facebook Pages and in our many Facebook Groups. We want you to promote your books alongside our author/book promotions. We will work together to reach readers. Please request this document, if you haven’t received the list in your email on file with us. This list of links, plus many more will also be sent in the ‘Promotional Report’ after the ‘Promotional Campaign’ is complete.

Book Review Program: We offer ‘Professional/Editorial Book Reviews’ for Published and Unpublished manuscripts. When an Author sends us a request to join our ‘Book Review Program’, he/she is required to send us his/her book manuscript in a PDF or Word format. We will evaluate whether or not we want to proceed with the ‘Book Review’ process. We are looking for 5 Star books. Not all manuscripts are accepted into the program. https://bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com/home/book-review-program/

Global Library and Grandma’s Book Club: We do the best we can to match genre. As a rule, we generously give two genre spots to each book submitted. We hold the right to make the final decision on each book’s genre placement.

Awards/Contests: All books from our ‘Global Library’ including ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ are submitted into our Awards/Contests monthly.

BMGN Social Media Blitz: We hold the right to promote any book and/or group of books for our ‘Promotional Purposes’ (at no cost to our authors). These campaigns promote our ‘Global Library’. We tend do this more with books that we have reviewed and Awarded 5 Stars.

Readership: We can’t promise increased book sales, but we can promise ‘Increased Readership’ for your Author’s Page on Book Marketing Global Network (BMGN). Our ‘Author’s Directories, ‘Global Library’ and ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ receive increasing readership. Our ‘Promotional Campaigns’ increase readership. Our Authors report increased book sales through our process.

Visitor (Readership) Counter: We have a visitor counter on the top left hand side of each page. This makes it easy for Authors to follow how many have visited their page. We recommend each Author use their page link like they do their professional website link. Many of our Authors use their ‘Author Page’ instead of paying for an expensive website.

Penname (pseudonym) Rules: When an author joins BMGN, (whether through our website or through their publisher) we create an ‘Author’s Page’ for him or her. At the time of the page creation, he or she can join under their real name or under a pen name (pseudonym). If he and/or she is under a publisher who has an arrangement with us to create his and/or her ‘Author’s Page’, the publisher has the responsibility to ask that the ‘Author’s Page’ be set up under the author’s real name and/or penname (pseudonym). Regarding new book listings: If the author and/or a publisher submits a new book for a listing under the name of an author who has an ‘Author’s Page’ with us (joined through BMGN and/or a Publisher), the new book listing (even if it is under a penname (pseudonym) is put on the ‘Author’s Page listed in our ‘Author Directory’, unless arrangements are made for a new ‘Author’s Page’ to be created under a special name and/or penname (pseudonym). It is the author’s responsibility to communicate their wishes with us and/or their publisher. It is the publisher’s responsibility to communicate with us. We have no liability, if a book gets listed on an ‘Author’s Page’ by mistake due to lack of communication by author and/or publisher. For Example: If a book needed to go on a new ‘Author’s Page’, under a penname (pseudonym) and was placed on an ‘Author’s Page’ previously set up and used for that author’s use, we are not liable for an uncovering of a person’s identity. Responsibility is solely on the author and/or publisher to communicate ‘Author Page Title’ and Book Listing needs.

Pronouns: We Use ‘He’, ‘She’, ‘They’, ‘Their’, ‘Them’. An Author May Request Us To Use Something Different, Related To Their Own Author’s Page.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of our Authors, might not be the opinions and views of our Management Team.

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