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We Are Seeking Authors Who Are Dedicated To Their Writing And Promotion Of Their Brand.

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Social Media Blitz: We hold the right to promote any author, book and/or group of books for our ‘Promotional Purposes’.

Promotional Campaigns: Once we accept your membership, we build your Author’s Page and Book Page(s). Next, we run a Promotional Campaign for your Featured Book. We send you a Promotional Report when the work is done. We give you the opportunity to join with us, in many of our promotional avenues. We give you the Promotional Tools (in an email) that we use, so you can promote alongside us. Our mission is to help you with book promotion and give you more time to write your next masterpiece. We continue to build a Readership for your Author’s Page. We actively promote our member authors and their book(s).

Author’s Page Content: Authors who are accepted, provide us with all their book(s) information (including all photos). They also give us permission to harvest data from their professional website(s), professional blog(s), Amazon Author’s Page, and their social media pages. The information includes, book(s) covers, professional headshot, other photos, book(s) description, book(s) purchase link(s), professional biographical information, and any other information that they want readers to know. We appreciate each author’s help in keeping their information up-to-date. We are not responsible for any grammatical errors, that the Author and/or Publisher made while creating and sharing the content. Please double check your book descriptions and bios for any typos. We use what we are given, to the letter.

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Self-Publishing: (Free Print and eBook Publishing Through KDP). Did you know, you can self-publish your print book and e-book for FREE, through Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle direct publishing is owned by Amazon. They have a simple format that you follow and with 24-72 hours, your book is selling on Amazon. They also have global distribution. You can decide what level of royalties you want for each book and they show you where the sales are coming from. Amazon is motivated to sell your book around the world. If you do not need illustrations for a children’s book, you can create a FREE cover in their cover creator. It is fun and easy to use. There are multiple places online where you can purchase an inexpensive photo image (with license) for your front cover, or use any photo that you own. If you are computer savvy, this is a fun way to publish a book. Keep more of the royalties for yourself. https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/

Self-Publishing: (Free Print & eBook Publishing Through Lulu). Upload and Print Your Books, With Options For Publishing To a Global Audience. Free Tools To Help You Create, Publish and Sell Your Story To the World. Free ISBNs. Free to Publish. Global Distribution. Types: eBooks, Print Books, Photo Books, Journals, Catalogs, Manuals. https://www.lulu.com/products

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Purchase Stock Images (Photos, Videos, Illustrations). Access all content with one iStock subscription—including images, videos, and vectors. Stock Imagery For Any Project. Everything From Vectors to Videos & Much More. Types: Royalty Free Stock Photos, HD & 4K Video, Illustrations & Vectors. Note: There are tons of Stock Image websites online. We encourage you to shop around for all your book cover and book illustration needs. https://www.istockphoto.com/

Photo/Logo/Image Education #1 : If you create your own book cover (print or e-book), make sure you own the photo (s) image(s). Go to a legitimate online source to obtain free or public domain photo(s) image(s). If you purchase photo(s) image(s), keep the receipt and the photo(s) image(s) license or reference number. Keep your receipt from any professional book cover designer you use. Ask your book cover designer(s) if they are using a free public domain photo(s) image(s). Ask your book cover designer to provide you with the photo(s) image(s) license or reference number and copy of photo(s) image(s) receipt if possible. It is important that your book cover photo(s) image(s) is free from any copy right infringement. The same applies for any logo(s), banner(s), and/or headshot image that you use.

Photo/Logo/Image Education #2: Once you own your book cover, and all photo(s) image(s), you are free to use it anywhere. You and/or your publisher are free to use your cover (print or e-book) in any and all book promotion. This extends to all forms of media use, websites, blogs, social media, and promotional websites like Book Marketing Global Network.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of our authors, might not be the opinions and views of group management.

Contact Email: admin@bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com

Review Of Book Marketing Global Network (BMGN) By Author J. A. Hunsinger.

As an author, regardless of genre, your mission after you complete the manuscript is to call attention to what you consider to be a masterpiece of literary content. After going through all the machinations of publication, it is a real hoot to hold your creation in hand as a bound book.

So, what’s next? Why, sales of course! The challenge now is to call attention to your book, to get your work exposed in a field of millions of old and new publications every year. Book Marketing Global Network (BMGN) can do that for you.

For the purpose of advertising and public exposure to my novels I have been a member of BMGN for many years, back to when it began for me as Cold Coffee. The why of that decision is easy; membership is a good deal. Considering what you get for the annual membership fee, and fees associated with their many services, it is a great deal. Like many of you, Indy authors all, I cannot afford the exorbitant cost of the advertising industry, so I turned to BMGN for help. The staff have worked their hearts out for me and my Axe of Iron trilogy. I believe that most of my sales are the result of that effort.

I encourage those of you who need help in marketing to check out the many links and promos that will feature your work when you become a member of BMGN.

Just to name a few: self-help articles by other authors; Editorial Reviews for both published, and unpublished manuscripts; links to professional editors; use your BMGN author page as a website; and on and on.

I recommend BMGN without reservation.
J. A. Hunsinger
Author – Axe of Iron Trilogy

Author’s Page At Book Marketing Global Network For J. A. Hunsinger.

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