2022 Award Winners

Our Judges Are Looking For:

First Impression.

  • Value Of The Art, Photo, Painting, and/or Drawing.
  • Value Of The Colors and Overall Design.
  • Value Of The Message The Author Is Sending.
  • Value To The Audience The Book or Group Of Books Will Reach.
  • Value To The Book’s Place In Today’s Literature.

Winning Authors Will Receive:

  • The Winning Author Is Sent An Email, With ‘The Award Photo Badge’ (to use in their own online promotions).
  • Authors Report ‘The Award Photo Badge’ Is A Great Promotional Tool!
  • Each Contest Award Recognition Is Placed On The Author’s Page Here At Book Marketing Global Network.
  • We Run One or More Social Media Promotions For Each Contest.

Each Contest Is Divided Into Categories:

  • Book Cover or Covers From Our ‘5 Star Book Reviews’.
  • Book Cover or Covers From Our ‘Global Library’ (For Adult Readers).
  • Book Cover or Covers From Our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’: Divided by Early/Young Readers and Middle Grade+ Readers.
  • We Also Give Awards For Trilogy and/or Book Series.
  • Occasionally We Give An Award For A ‘Special Book Group’ (not a trilogy or series).
  • Occasionally We Give An Award For Book Video Trailers.
  • Occasionally We Give An Award For A Foreign Language Book.

Changes Coming In July 2022: We are going to narrow our monthly awards down to one winner from our ‘Global Library’ (Books For Adult Readers) and one winner from our ‘Grandma’s Book Club’ (Books For Young Readers). We might throw in a extra award from time to time.

We Congratulate Our 2022 Award/Contests Award Winners!

2022 Award Winners!
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