The Sitcom Murders 1: Sexy Sixties Sitcom by Nicholas Victor (aka Nick Iuppa)

The Sitcom Murders 1: Sexy Sixties Sitcom
by Nicholas Victor (aka Nick Iuppa)

What if the heroine of an immensely popular television sitcom suddenly learned that her show was being turned into a horror series by a deranged screenwriter? What if she was able to drive over to the writer’s home and confront him? What if she then learned that he was able to give her the power to defend herself and even begin to love the murder and mayhem of HORROR? And then, after she had eliminated three homicidal maniacs, he explained that he had more work for her… more sitcom murders.

5 Star Review: This first installment of The Sitcom Murders is a dark comedy about a sexy sixties TV character who suddenly realizes that her TV show has become a horror story and she just might be the first victim.

Lacy Livingood, the TV heroine, is home alone when a madman suddenly begins breaking down her kitchen door. Terrified by his hideous stocking mask and threats of rape and murder, Lacy beats him off with a frying pan, then rushes to her car and drives across LA to find the show’s writer. She’s not sure what to expect, but aging screenwriter Billy Edelman explains it all.

“Ya know, for a girl half the world thinks is brilliant, you’re a little slow on the uptick,” Billy answered. “You and Johnny and Ronnie are characters, in a sitcom, a very popular one fifty years ago. Look at this.” And with that Edelman clicked a link and entered eBay. He typed in “Lacy Livingood” and pages and pages of Lacy Livingood memorabilia confronted him: autographed photos, scripts from the show, clothes she had worn.

“But our show’s not on anymore,” Lacy whispered.

“People’re always lookin’ for somethin’ fresh,” Billy answered. “If not new characters, at least old characters in new stories. And that’s what I’ve given them.”

“So now I’m the main character in a horror story,” Lacy said at last. “Okay. But if I have to be in this show of yours, at least teach me how to defend myself. You can do that much for me can’t you?”

And Billy could; in fact, he could help Lacy learn to enjoy murder as much as his villains… but with dire consequences.

Author Nicholas Victor (aka Nick Iuppa) has given us something never seen before, a TV sitcom character who actively conspires with her show’s living writer to defeat the bad guys. There is a fine line between reality and fiction, TV characters and real people, self-preservation and blood lust. And sexy Lacy finds herself right at the crossroads of everything and loving it.

If you enjoy dark humor, pick up a copy of The Sitcom Murders I – SEXY SIXTIES SUBURBIA. I’m sure you will enjoy the read and find yourself looking forward to the next installment. (A preview of The Sitcom Murders II: SEVENTIES NEWSROOM is available as part of the first book).

I think you’ll find yourself as curious as I am about where the author will go with this new series…and just who Lacy Livingood will murder next. Review by Theodocia McLean.

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About The Author: Nick Iuppa began his career as an apprentice writer with famed Bugs Bunny/Road Runner animator Chuck Jones and children’s author Dr. Seuss. He later became a staff writer for the Wonderful World of Disney. As VP Creative Director for Paramount Pictures, Nick did experimental work in interactive television and story-based simulations. He is the author of seven novels, Management by Guilt (Fawcett Books 1984—a Fortune Book Club selection) and eight technical books on interactive media. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Ginny.

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