The Last Keeper Of The Light: A Dystopian Fantasy by Nikki Broadwell

The Last Keeper Of The Light: A Dystopian Fantasy by Nikki Broadwell

The world was dark, the grid down—probably for good. No one knew why.

Raiders held the upper hand, combing the forests in search of what they needed. Weapons were in short supply, as was food and clean water.

Sandal had only known the reality of trying to stay one step ahead of danger. But when she met Jacob things changed. He was her lifeline, her one tether. And when they parted, her hope vanished along with him.

But that was then. Now she must find her way out of a world gone mad, or die trying.

5 Star Review: Each civilization including the Hopi Indians have their own version of the Apocalypse with world events in step with what earth is experiencing today; which include earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, record flooding, wildfires, droughts, and famines. The Last Keeper Of The Light begins as the world has gone dark, no power grid, no communication, rapid crime, and little hope outside small nomadic communities.

Families, including that of the main character Sandal, is living with day to day survival, collecting what resources they can, finding the necessary food, clean water and shelter as they try to stay out of the way of Raiders. It is what looks to be a glass snow globe that Sandal rescues off the beach. This globe becomes a source of “one constant” in a life with no guarantees.

Hope comes and goes. Days turn into week, months and years. Sandal “kept going, her panting loud in her ears. The rain pelted, raising welts on her arms and legs, her face burning. The landscape she remembered was long gone”. “A house loomed up in front of her. A house? Where did that come from? Was it occupied—should she steer clear? But she was already there, pushing open the unlocked door. She glanced around the empty dust-filled room. “Anyone here?” There was no answer. In the kitchen she found an old mildewed towel. She placed the sphere in a coffee cup and wiped ineffectually at her skin. Everything hurt, including her eyeballs. When she explored she found a bed that looked recently slept in, with a dust free ragged blanket. She lay down and closed her eyes. She was dreaming–Jacob was with her, his face lined, his hair fully gray like hers. He kissed her, his mouth as dry as the desert. She woke with a start.”

What now?

I enjoyed reading this Dystopian Fantasy. I can hope that The Last Keeper Of The Light is going to be a series since I have read several books within series by Author Nikki Broadwell. Nikki’s published works include her Gypsy Series, Wolfman Trilogy, Paranormal Series, Desert Series and stand-alone books. Review by Theodocia McLean.

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic

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Bio By Nikki Broadwell: I was raised by fairies in a sylvan glade under a massive oak tree. My early life was spent wandering fields and woods searching for acorns and berries and staring at the cloud shadows racing across the landscape while listening to the whispers on the wind.

Magic and the mystical are alive and well in all my books. Celtic and Norse fantasy, time travel, murder mixed up with ghosts, humor and steamy romance, and a shapeshifting coyote, inhabit my 19 novels. If confused about where to begin–start with Moonstone, book 1 of Wolfmoon.

My books are not what you would call literature, and yet they are not mere entertainment either. They are unique–humorous at times, sad at times, and page-turners that take the reader into a world separate from this one. I do not write to market; I write from my heart.

I couldn’t stop writing if I tried–it is the heart and soul of me now. I am still astounded by how my characters lead me on, taking me down meandering paths where I hadn’t planned to go. The muse sits on my shoulder most days, and when she’s absent I flounder and realize I need a break. I love all things magic, including the Tarot, the runes, divination of all kinds, ghosts, clairvoyance, astral travel–you name it. Magic is all around us if only we open our eyes to it.

I lived in the Pacific Northwest for sixteen years before moving to the desert southwest with my husband, a cat and a dog. The move was hard because I left family behind, but Arizona is a wonderful place to be and the weather, at least in the winter, is delightful!

In my spare time I do yoga, hike, garden, and enjoy the bird and animal life that abound in the desert.

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